Breakfast of Champions has 24 Honorees

  • DECEMBER 2007


       The recent Breakfast of Champions, sponsored by 21 Main, honored 24 students who had routinely shown exemplary character and conduct. Their positive leadership has been recognized and greatly appreciated by the High School administration and faculty for making a difference in Sayville Schools and for providing the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community. 

       Each honoree was selected by High School Administrators and faculty as a student who has demonstrated such positive qualities as described below. 


     James Black Nominated by Mrs. Potere.

    “He is very coachable and, above all, respectful, taking his studies seriously and working extremely hard to accomplish the course objectives.” 


    Kelley Brabant Nominated by Ms. Warren

    “Kelley has always persevered.  Kelley is one of those students who extends a helping hand to others whenever she can.  She would not only give you the shirt off her back, she would help you make or shop for one, and help you pay for it as well.”     


    Tessa Buono Nominated by Mrs. Alcabes

    “She has demonstrated honesty, respect for her peers, consideration for others, and integrity, which is commendable.” 


    Elizabeth Demeusy Nominated by Mr. Delargy    

    “A great role model, you would love to have her as your own child.” 


    Jimmy DeSensi Nominated by Mr. Shaw  

    “During gym football I watched in amazement as Jimmy formed his team out of special needs students.  He insured these students were included and experienced some degree of success. He treated them with an intuitive mix of care and respect, and showed others how to do the same.  I believe, it speaks volumes about this young man’s character.” 


    Melissa Domenchello Nominated by Ms. Rizzo-Shore and Ms. Brown    

    “Melissa is a young woman with a terrific work ethic, a positive attitude, and a desire to achieve.  She has great character, talent, and integrity; always striving for her personal best!  Congratulations! You are a true champion!”   

     “Her ambition, humbleness, and strong sense of ethics should be recognized.” 


    Paul Henderson Nominated by Mrs. Trentowski    

    “Paul has a contagious smile that brings energy to any room he walks into. His compassion for others, his ability to relate to adults, and his overall positive outlook of life truly makes him a wonderful role model for his peers.” 


    Marra Kassman Nominated by Mr. Hoffman

    “She has shown amazing maturity.  She has quickly developed into one of the most important leaders of the station.” 


    Alexander Kraljic  Nominated by Mrs. Hoss

    “Enthusiastic, diligent, motivated, kind and sincere are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when thinking about Alexander.  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Kraljic on raising a fine young man.” 


    Christopher Kucera Nominated by Mr. Delargy    

    “He has made amazing strides as an outstanding leader.  He is a great role model.” 


    Kaylee Lambert Nominated by Mr. Cross and Mrs. Janke    

    “She is outstanding, a model student, creative, hardworking, and persistent. I wish every student were like her.” 


    Leonid Levchenko Nominated by Mrs. Giannico    

    “He is loved by all of his classmates because of his upbeat personality.  He strives to do his best.  He is an amazing young man that goes out of his way to help anyone in need.” 


    Brianna Lind Nominated by Mr. Bannon    

    “Bri is intelligent, caring and trustworthy.  I am lucky to be her teacher and to simply know her as a person.” 


    George Meindl Nominated by Ms. Sumner and Mr. Blatter    

    “From the first day of school George has become a leader in class.  George has a caring heart and shows compassion and respect for every child and adult he interacts with.  In class, he is hardworking and conscientious.” 


    Jacqueline Potts Nominated by Mr. Kramer    

    “She has shown incredible leadership; very talented and self-motivated.” 


    Brian Roecklein Nominated by Mr. Gittler    

    “Brian stands out for his true desire to learn for its own sake.  He is an interesting person who is always glad to help someone else.” 


    Lyndsey Romard  Nominated by Mrs. Van Dorn    

    “Lyndsey is amazing.  While a member of her family endured a serious illness, each and every day, Lyndsey, amazingly entered my classroom with a light hearted smile and hello.  Her ability to maintain such a cheerful, spirited composure, attend to her responsibilities, and demonstrate sensitivity to others, at such a time in her life is admirable.  As an adult, I am in awe of her.” 


    Erin Schwarz Nominated by Mrs. Thelian    

    Erin is a truly well rounded individual.  She is diligent, responsible, and a really sweet young lady.”  


    Brendan Shea Nominated by Mrs. Bachisin

    “He is a student who puts his nose to the grindstone and perseveres.  He is humble about his accomplishments academically and athletically.  Brendan is a true success in every sense of the word!” 


    Sara Smith Nominated by Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Armendinger    

    “We have seen firsthand Sara’s growth and are very proud of her accomplishments.  She has demonstrated maturity and responsible decision-making. Due to these outstanding qualities, Sara deserves to be recognized as a champion here today.” 


    Samantha Stemm Nominated by Mr. Sznitken    

    “Samantha is a good student.  She is a respectful young woman who is nice to all her classmates.  Samantha is what this Breakfast is all about.”


    Zachary Tordik Nominated by Mrs. Kamensky    

    “This student is friendly, hardworking and helps others. He stays 10th period most days to do his work and to help out in the room.  He is just an all around good kid.” 


    Kimberly Walters Nominated by Mrs. Dudick    

    “She is a dedicated student who works hard and never gives up.  She always has a smile and good wishes.  Kim is a honest, upright and moral young woman, and I am proud to work with her on a daily basis.” 


    Tara Weber Nominated by Mr. Hammer    

    Tara is a dream come true for any educator.  With her positive outlook, creative solutions, and kind spirit, she can certainly brighten any classroom.”

Breakfast of Champions recipients
Administrators attended
Mr. Hoffer welcomes families and honorees.
Members of the orchestra, directed by Mr. Ari Kramer, provided background music for the occasion.