Supplying That Demand With A School Store

  • Supplying That Demand With A School Store


    Many economists agree that free enterprise is fueled by healthy consumerism. To know what consumers want, however, requires knowledge of products, prices, inventory, budgeting, and keeping a step ahead of customer demands. What better way to become acquainted with the demanding field of retail than by supplying school students an opportunity to learn firsthand what it’s all about.


    The recent Grand Opening of the School Store—under colorful streamers and surrounded by purple and gold balloons—at Sayville High School was the result of months of thoughtful planning by teacher Patty McLary, tremendous support from Assistant Principal Michael Dileo along with the Sayville Administration, and a high sense of purpose from the students who will help run it. Art teacher Jennifer Berotti guided the artistic hands of the student volunteers who created the curb appeal of the storefront at its optimum location by Cafeteria C.


    Now that the School Store service window has opened (regular hours are Mondays and Wednesday, 5th and 6th periods), the client base must build. Yet, the School Store volunteers are ready and willing to service their customers with a nice variety of folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, Sayville T-shirts, and tic tacs for now. As demand grows, so will their inventory.


    Visit the store, see for yourself, and help grow the economy of the Sayville  School Store! 



    School Store Officers are President Jean Marie Tegliaferri, Secretary Gina Frontino, Treasurer Brianne Morgan, and Inventory Manager George Meindl.