Stephen Tuozzola Named Intel Semifinalist

  • Sayville’s Intel Semifinalist.

    Congratulations to Sayville Senior Stephen Tuozzolo for being named an Intel semifinalist. Stephen is one of 300 seniors nationwide from 194 high schools to be named a semifinalist. He was selected from 1,602 entrants whose research projects covered all disciplines of science including biochemistry, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, behavior science, medicine, and health.


    Stephen’s project: The effectiveness of hypo and hypersaline treatments of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica, to control biofouling by the polychaete worm Sabellaria vulgaris and treatment effects on oyster growth in the Great South Bay, Long Island, New York was the end result one and one-half years of independent research. In 2006-2007, Stephen conducted a literature review and wrote the project proposal, occasionally utilizing the extra help sessions from Environmental Science teacher Maria Brown during 10th Period. In June of 2007, Stephen began his hands-on research by retrieving oysters from Blue Island Oyster Company. He ran his experiments in July and August and in September enrolled in Mrs. Brown Research in Science and Engineering Program in which he learned statistics and wrote his final paper. As an Intel Semifinalist, Stephen will receive a check for $1,000 and the Research Program will also receive $1,000.


    In addition, Stephen received a letter from Adelphi University announcing his paper’s acceptance for presentation at the Long Island Junior Science and Humanities Symposium scheduled for Friday February 29, 2008 at Adelphi University. At that time scholarships for First ($2,000), Second ($1,500), and Third ($1,000) Place will be awarded. Good Luck, Stephen, on this future endeavor!


    Attached is Stephen’s Abstract and Paper for review.


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