Wax Figures Transformed - At Lincoln Avenue

  • Wax Figures


    At Lincoln Avenue

    Appearing incredibly life-like, the immobile “statues” in Lincoln Avenue’s First Annual Living Wax museum depicted historical figures, pioneers, athletes, inventors, or musicians—until they were activated by the “touch” of a button. Then, each figure surprisingly sprang to life and shared autobiographical details.

    The month-long preparation for this remarkable demonstration was the result of class discussions on biographies. Mrs. Whitehurst, Mrs. Cozza, Mrs. Panarello, and Mrs. Moyer had their students pick people in history for presentations in a unique environment—a Wax Museum. The students conducted book research as well as used online resources to learn more about the lives of their subjects. Once the students had enough information, they converted their studies into autobiographies and wrote speeches for sharing those special details about their wax figures' lives. 

    “The students took so much pride in their hard work and efforts, and it sure paid off,” Mrs. Moyer said, echoing the sentiments of all the Third grade teachers. “It was wonderful to see their wax figures come to life and to hear about their great accomplishments.  They all did such an amazing job of portraying their historical figure (and they stood so very still)!  The children really seemed to enjoy learning about biographies and famous people throughout history.”