Gambling Guys & Dreaming Dolls

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    Luck was a lady each night.

    Luck wasn’t out of their sight.

    Talent was enormous in everyone’s performance!

    Luck was their lady each night.


    It may have seemed a gamble, but the four-night production of Guys and Dolls presented by the Sayville High School Music and Drama departments turned out to be a sure thing and a dream come true—great entertainment on a high roll! Even with featured players swapped between the Wednesday/Thursday shows and the Friday /Saturday shows, the musical fable of Broadway was a winning combination.


    Each night, audiences were thoroughly amazed by the musical and acting talents, enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor, and appreciated the flow of staging that makes or breaks live theatre—such as when a chair takes an unexpected tumble or a set falls over—yet, the show goes on. “Better than even money that…” this amalgamation of great showmanship, impressive choreography, remarkable stage sets and props, effective lighting, trendy costume and makeup is what gave each production its own distinctive and satisfying quality.


    Special thanks go to Stage Director/Producer Steven Hailey, Musical Director Fred Diekmann, Orchestra Conductor Peter DeSalvo, Technical Supervisor Kenneth Van Essendelft, Sound Supervisor AndyGiammalvo, Choreographer Penny Hough, parent volunteers, and all the guys and dolls among the Sayville Players performers, production managers, and staff. Their incredibly hard work and dedication paid off!

    Photo captions &  Storyline:

    Taking center stage in the opening number, characters Nicely Nicely Johnson (Harrison Schenkel/JoeHailey), Bobby Southstreet (Kenneth Murray/Jared Linehan), and Rusty Charlie (James Harlin/Michael Miller) sing a rousing Can Do about their racetrack bets. But their gambling fever chills when Sister Sarah Brown (Sarah Bartlett/Jenna Hanshe), Brother Arvide Abernathy (Casey Grant), and the Mission Band (Bishnu Panigrahi, Stefi Dier, Sarah Marcellus, Megha Marwaha, and Kimberly Walters) exhort all drunks, thugs, and gamblers to give up their evil ways and Follow the Fold.


    No such luck. Failing miserably at reforming sinners, Sarah is disheartened, and the Save-A-Soul Mission may be in jeopardy of closing.


    Meantime, “good old reliable” Nathan Detroit (Thomas Mittiga/Evan Martel) is promising fellow mugs like Harry the Horse (Nicholas Esdale/Christopher Wagner) and the menacing Big Julie (Julian DiGiovanni) that “The Oldest Established, permanent, floating crap game in New York” will go on as planned, despite the attempts by Lt. Brannigan (Andrew Vall/Edward MacLaughlin) to shut it down.


    Police raids are only part of Nathan’s problem. “Wit’out da dough” for setup, however, Nathan doesn’t have a place to hold the game. Nathan sees one chance for money—to wager on a sure thing with the suave gambler Sky Masterson (Mark Moskaw/Adam Rizzo); namely, that Sky cannot convince Mission Sister Sarah to join him on a trip to Havana, Cuba.


    Nathan’s other problem? His beleaguered girlfriend of 14 years, Adelaide, (Kristina Schroeter/Kristie Lankowicz) also want s him to give up gambling and settle down with her in marriage. As the Hot Box club’s lead entertainer, Adelaide is tired of both nightclub life and being second fiddle to Nathan’s gambling. In the hilarious song Adelaide’s Lament, she comically expresses her frustration and suspicion that, as a result of Nathan’s neglect, “…a person can develop a bad, bad cold!”


    In his attempt to persuade Sarah to fly to Cuba, Sky dismisses Sarah’s dreams of finding romance (I’ll Know) with an ideal man. To add to her woes, General Cartwright (Tara Kennedy/Jennifer Fitzpatrick) informs Sarah that the mission will close if she can’t raise the numbers.