Cara Donaldson

    Dr. Cara Donaldson has served as a school psychologist as well as CPSE and CSE chairperson for the Sayville School District for the past twenty years. As a child advocate for countless students throughout her career, Cara is a caring and compassionate professional who always puts children first. In addition to fulfilling the demands of the 504 chairperson and district evaluator, Cara is also a dynamic communicator who possesses the gift of making complex information comprehendible for students, staff, and Sayville community members.

    As a vital member of Sayville School District’s pupil personnel team, Cara has taken an integral leadership role. The insight that she brings to the work environment is second to none. Her knowledge and ability to lead has motivated students and colleagues to strive for greater heights.

    It is with sincere conviction that we enthusiastically recommend that Dr. Cara Donaldson be selected as a recipient of the 2015 Scope Teacher Service Award for Excellence.


    Michael Alcabes

     Where does one begin? Mr. Michael Alcabes—a cornerstone of the Sayville community—has raised his children in our lovely hamlet and now has the fortune of seeing many of his grandchildren grow up here as well. As a local business owner, Michael Alcabes, CPA, Mr. Alcabes has contributed much more than his accounting expertise to the children and families of Sayville Public Schools. He is a Vietnam Veteran who knows the true meaning of service, graciously giving of himself to assist with our three Sayville School foundations: Charitable, Athletic, and Education. Michael Alcabes, a “true champion” who actively volunteers in a variety of capacities with numerous fundraisers, is a perfect example of why Sayville is such a great place to live, learn, and grow.

    In addition to his tremendous legacy, we would be remiss not to thank Mr. Alcabes for his patience and support in every endeavor, but especially for being half of the dynamic duo: the other half? His dedicated wife, Joanne (who is also nominated for her extraordinary service), often goes above and beyond normal work hours in her commitment to the school and community. Thank you!


    Joanne Alcabes

    Is it even possible to summarize Ms. Joanne Alcabes’ contributions to the students, faculty, and staff of Sayville Public Schools in 125 words or less? This is virtually an impossible task given the plethora of ways Ms. Alcabes assists anyone and everyone in need—she does it all and does so with a smile. We can’t imagine the high school without her. Her work ethic is second to none and her genuine care and concern for others is unmatched. She is the epitome of excellence. She is everyone’s ‘go-to person.’ Why, you may ask: because, she gets it done. Ms. Alcabes is an invaluable asset to our high school and one of the kindest, most genuine, caring persons you will ever meet.


    Ronald Hoffer

    Mr. Hoffer, the high school principal, was instrumental in the creation of the Friends of Sayville Education Foundation. This foundation is now supported by employee payroll deduction, various community fundraisers, and community and alumni donations. Through the foundation, Sayville students have added opportunities. 

    At the elementary level:
    • Homework helper, Science explorers, coding club, little language academy;
    At the middle school level:
    • Wellness Club
    • Science Explorers
    • Social academic program
    At the high school level:
    • Jazz night
    • Newspaper technical support
    • Robotics
    • Summer Research I Science and Engineering program
    • Coding workshops

    Mr. Hoffer’s involvement in the Sayville community has enhanced the opportunities for many students at all grade levels.


    Norman deVenau

    Serving three terms as Sayville BOE vice-president (2006, 2007, 2008,) Mr. deVenau is a true gentleman in the boardroom, a role model of tireless devotion to his duties as a public servant. However, behind his kindly and modest demeanor is an unflagging powerhouse of positive energy, a steadfast advocate and catalyst for legislative reform, and a passionate educational defender in the public arena that includes school forums, PTA meetings, and legislative assemblies.   As a current member of the New York State School Boards Association, Mr. deVenau serves as the Voting Delegate to the New York State School Board Annual Business Meetings which he attends on a regular basis.


    Beyond his Sayville BOE responsibilities in Suffolk County, Mr. deVenau has served as President for Islip Town School Boards since September, 2007. His broad-based leadership at many legislative breakfasts has ensured that the financial and program challenges of Long Island public schools are clearly heard by state and local politicians.