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2013 Sayville Athletic HALL OF FAME

  • The Sayville Athletic Hall of Fame celebration, held on Homecoming Saturday, September 28, 2013, included a Breakfast Ceremony that honored the latest inductees. Congratulations to the following Sayville school district alumni/coaches who have earned their places in the Sayville Athletic Hall of Fame. 

    To qualify for the Hall of Fame, these former Sayville athletes must have been varsity- level competitors, have held leadership roles, made an impact on the athletic program, garnered awards and honors, were school-, county-, or state-record holders, and demonstrated outstanding character and leadership qualities in the school and community.

    Sayville Hall of Fame Coaches were recognized for their significant accomplishments and contributions to and impact on the Sayville athletic program(s), and have demonstrated outstanding character and leadership qualities in school and community.

    -          Class of 1999: TJ Brocking Sports: Football, Wrestling and Baseball

    -          Class of 2005: John Deluca Sports: Football, Lacrosse

    -          Class: 1990: Tom Dolan Sports: Football, Wrestling, Track

    -          Class of 1984: Brad Howland Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

    -          Class of 2006:  Melissa Pascarella  Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Softball

    -          Class of 1998: Tiffany Rowan  Sports: Tennis, Basketball, Softball

    -          Class of 2004: Marta Pardo Sports: Winter & Spring Track

    -          Class of 2001: Lauren Surber  Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball

    -          Class of 2003: Brian Dalpiaz  Sports: Cross Country, Winter & Spring Track

    -          Coach 1971-present: Joe Buderman Sport: Football

    -          Coach: Golf: 1967-2008  &  Basketball: 1965-1982  Tony Gamboli Sports: Basketball & Golf

    Photo courtesy of Dennis Fagan: Back Row-Tom Dolan (1990), Joe Buderman (Coach), Lauren Surber (2001), Marta Pardo (2004), Brian Dalpiaz (2003), Brad Howland (1984) Front Row-TJ Brocking (1999), Tony Gamboli (Coach), Melissa Pascarella (2006); Not Pictured: John DeLuca (2005) & Tiffany Cooley-Rowan (1998)