Music Students Achieve at NYSCAME, ALL-STATE & ALL-NATIONAL

  • Congratulations to these amazing and talented students who, due to their outstanding achievements in music competitions, will be participating in the following festivals in 2017-2018. Also, congratulations to our wonderful Music Department for their long-standing excellence in providing the necessary training and opportunities for our students to help them succeed. You all make Sayville proud.


    NYSCAME ALL-COUNTY 2017-2018

    (photo top) 


    Dea Ahlgrim- Mixed Chorus

    Kate Donohue- Mixed Chorus

    James Velazquez-Mixed Chorus

    Olivia Anderson – Treble Chorus

    Abigail Newman – TrebleChorus


    Douglas Read- Trombone

    Donald Schweikert- Bassoon


    Alexander Urmaza- Cello

    Sean Haselton- String Bass

    Daniel Perun- Bassoon



    ALL-STATE 2017-2018

    (photo above) 

    Philip Rinaldi: Jazz Piano Alternate

    Alex Urmaza: Cello Alternate

    Kate Donohue: Soprano Alternate

    Abigail Newman: Soprano Alternate





    ALL-NATIONAL 2017-2018

    (photo above) 

    Dea Ahlgrim- Mixed Chorus

    Olivia Anderson- Mixed Chorus

    James Velazquez- Mixed Chorus