2017 Homecoming Parade down Main Street Sayville
  • HOMECOMING 2017  Decades Defined by Charities 


    OCTOBER 28, 2017

    After a full week of school-spirit activities—that included dress-up theme days, cafeteria-window painting, building theme-related parade floats, and a Pep Rally—the High School classes were ready for the Homecoming Parade.  Despite the late October date, the mild temperatures under overcast skies encouraged the spirited Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to assemble in numbers and accompany their creatively designed parade floats during the traditional march on Main Street.

    Following the Sayville Fire Department’s shiny red trucks—their horns blaring—members of the Rotary Club and STA fell into step to begin the procession. Chanting cheerleaders from the High School, Middle School and youth squads, along with the Sayville Youth football team members and their coaches, preceded the class floats.

    This year’s theme was “battling for our charities throughout the decades” and each class favored a special organization that they would support throughout the school year.  Representing the eighties with a huge bright blue boombox, the Freshmen chose the Friends of Sayville Educational Foundation as their charity. The Sophomores jumped Back to the Future, complete with Marty Mcfly, Doc Brown, and an iconic Delorien Time Machine—homecrafted by the students—to support the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. Meeting at The Diner, the Juniors depicted the fifties and gave their support to Save the Great South Bay. However, the Seniors outdid their underclassmen with their sixties decade. They created three floats: a yellow submarine that hosted the Beatles; an authentic Volkswagon Bus carrying hippies, while the third float showcased an amalgam of crepe-paper structures representing Smiley Face, Hairspray Bottle, and Peace Sign and transported flag-waving U.S. soldiers and President Richard Milhous Nixon. Their charity was the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

    During the Homecoming game, the classes set up donation tables for each charity. “The seniors had a table selling cupcakes as a fundraiser for their charity. The juniors  had a table selling Christmas wreaths for theirs, Save the Great South Bay, and the freshmen had a table with literature available for theirs, Friends of Sayville Educational Foundation,” Homecoming organizer Mrs. Van Dorn explained. “Throughout the year, classes will fundraise for their charity, as well as bring awareness to the student body and community.”


    Once all four classes completed their skits, the judges from the Rotary Club had determined that the Seniors ranked an overwhelming First in the spirit competition, with the Juniors Second, the Sophomores merited Third, and the Freshmen came in Fourth.

    Special thanks go to all the Homecoming organizers, class advisers, and many volunteers whose contributions brought high energy, great enthusiasm, and charitable hearts to the fore;  and congratulations to the Golden Flashes for their win, 41-27, against Islip.