It’s MINDSET that Matters

  • Putting a new “spin” on her Health Education classes, Sayville Middle School teacher Jodi Maurici has recently developed and implemented a Growth Mindset-Mindfulness program that has excited her students, her colleagues, and even some parents.


    What is Growth Mindset?

    Growth Mindset is the belief that our traits, qualities, skills, and intelligence are NOT set in stone and can be improved with effort and GRIT (resilience and persistence).


    “Health Education is the perfect place to relate this topic,” Mrs. Maurici explained, “as without a Growth Mindset, students are more likely to make unhealthy choices that can hinder wellness. I have intertwined Growth Mindset into our existing health curricula for students to see choices in their lives from a new perspective.” 


    Once she integrated the Growth Mindset into her already existing skill-based health education curriculum, Mrs. Maurici was greatly pleased by her students’ overall positive response. “Students are so engaged and motivated by this project!”


    In addition, Mrs. Maurici has implemented a Growth Mindset throughout the building and the community.  She provides a Monthly Mindset Mantra to the staff, displayed all month on the electronic bulletin board, and each week has offered Mindset Mondays to parents by sending extension information and activities home with the students so that they can practice with the family.


    Many students have chosen to be involved in a special 11th period on Mindset Mondays.  “At any given time in my classroom,” Maurici reports, “you may see children reviewing their mistakes to learn from them, standing in tree pose, focusing on the residual sounds of symbols and breathing together as a class.  Ready set grow!”


    Mrs. Maurici is overjoyed with this opportunity to help everyone make informed lifelong choices for their rest of their lives.  “It is so exciting for the students, the community, and me!”