Good Attributes Celebrated at Middle School “Character Luncheon”

  • Twenty Middle School students were celebrated at a special “Character Luncheon” for their positive contributions to the school. Eleven sixth-graders and nine Seventh-graders were nominated by their teachers because they consistently showed exceptional character and were role models for other students. On this special occasion, each student was given a Certificate of Appreciation.

    Held during the Sixth- and Seventh-grade lunch periods, the “Character Luncheon” was  a tasty spread of deli heroes along with a variety of side salads and chips prepared by the Sayville Sandwich Shop. Although good works are often their own reward, the Character Lunch recipients were honored by the recognition for their good behavior and thoroughly enjoyed their scrumptious reward.

    Seventh graders: Reid Smith, Maya Guacci, Kristen Tellier, Abigail Noack, Taylor Hoss, Anna Meserve, Emma Law, Natalie Jones, Joseph Handler. 

    Sixth graders: Aidan Orlando, Skyler Collins, Mia DeSimone, Allison McDonnell, Delaney Walters, Caleigh Mansfield, Sofia Criscuola, Travis Behm, Sean Folks, Michael Luce.