SAYVILLE SERVING SAYVILLE At the First-Ever Elementary Volleyball Competition

First-Ever Elementary Volleyball Competition
  • At the recent  first-ever Elementary Teacher-Staff Charity Volleyball Game, Sayville School District’s three elementary schools—Cherry, Lincoln, Sunrise—pitted their finest Volleyball “talent” against the others for an awesome evening in the Sayville High School gym.

    With the simple admission collected at the door of either a dollar for the Sayville School Employee Charitable Foundation or a nonperishable food item for the Sayville Food Pantry, fans were treated to an evening activity that put the fun in fundraiser.

    “A combined total of forty players, representing teachers, staff, and administrators from Lincoln, Sunrise, and Cherry volunteered to play,” said Sunrise Drive physical education teacher Amy Chaimowitz who spearheaded the event, “and many more showed up with their families to cheer them on.” Even Sunrise Drive’s mascot Sunny the Safety Duck was there to show support.  

    So many from each school came out for this good cause and cheered on their teams. “It was amazing!” Ms. Chaimowitz added.  “…we collected $1,250 for the Sayville School Employee Charitable Foundation.  We also collected fifteen boxes of donated food for the Sayville food pantry on Gillette Avenue, and while Mr. Gary Jensen doesn’t want any credit, I couldn’t have done it without him.  He was my referee and D.J.”

    Tremendous thanks go to all who attended, but a special shout-out goes to each school’s volleyball team (see list below) for being such good sports.


    Among the teachers and staff participating:

    SUNRISE - Dr. Foy, Ms. Chaimowitz, Mr. Jensen, Ms. Ainslie, Ms. Rende, Ms. Heuer, Ms. Philp, Ms. Sukoff, Mr. Frank, Mr. Mas, Ms. Zavesky, Mr. Banaszak, Ms. Athan, Ms. Milone, Ms. Ramos, Ms. Foster, Mr. Castellano, Ms. Voegele and Ms. Snedecor.


    CHERRY - Ms. Fee, Ms. Enea, Ms. Abrams, Ms. Barczak, Ms. Hill, Ms. Silver, Ms. Cameron and Mr. Kuveke.


    LINCOLN - Dr. LeBlanc, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Barone, Ms. Schenkel, Coach Bolger,Mr. Slinkosky, Ms. Strayer, Ms. LoCurto, Mr. Michaels, Ms. McCarthy and Mr. Martin.