Legally Blonde About Appearances & Self-Empowerment

  • Irish Jig

    Sayville High School Musical Presentation

    “Omigod! Omigod!” Would you believe that four March nor’easters pounced on Long Island—like lions—causing rehearsal cancellations and set-building delays?  But the energized Sayville High School cast and crew of Legally Blonde were—to borrow lyrics from the song Chip On My Shoulder—driven as hell” to succeed. Not only “were they something to see,” but they “aced it” at every performance!

    Adapted from the movie of the same name, Legally Blonde the Musical followed Elle Wood on her journey of self-discovery from blindingly beautiful blonde to a Harvard-trained lawyer. While the musical’s core message addressed how self-empowerment can overcome stereotyping of all kinds, the high-energy dancing routines (thanks to chorographer Mrs. Denise Baio), the lively musical numbers performed both by the excellent leads and the buoyant ensemble cast, and the comic, well-timed banter throughout the musical completely sugarcoated the serious theme and made for a compelling and entertaining production.


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    • As “Little Miss Woods <comma> Elle,” Senior and All-National Music Honors student Dea Ahlgrim showcased her unsurpassed, triple-threat talents in every gesture, song and dance, and embodied the title role with professional-caliber. She obviously was “doing something right;” at the conclusion of each production, audiences rose to their feet with resounding applause.
    • Senior and All-National Music Honors student James Velazquez played the loveable and sensible Emmett Forest, the modest law clerk who recognized the brains behind Elle’s beauty. Commensurate in performance quality with his costar, James’ charismatic portrayal was enhanced by his powerful tenor voice in such songs as Chip on My Shoulder and Legally Blonde.
    • Junior Christina LaFrosica was a sensation in the role of the hopeless romantic Paulette, the hairdresser and Elle’s wise friend, who harkens to dreams of Ireland to overcome the hazards of love. Christina’s energy and believability in this role earned the audiences’ sympathies, but when she raised her outstanding voice in Ireland she won over their hearts.
    • Although still a Junior, Alex Pittari has been a standout talent in Sayville High School’s musicals for many years. Playing the manipulative Harvard Law Professor Callahan with maturity, Alex delivered each cold-blooded line with smug superiority and deployed Callahan’s rendition of Blood in the Water to obliterate the self-confidence of his law students.
    • With dashing charm, great voice, and perfect comic timing, Sophomore Christopher Quartuccio portrayed the smarmy opportunist Warner, Elle’s shallow love interest who dumps her for a more serious candidate-wife.
    • Uptight, fellow law student Vivienne Kensington may have caused Elle heartache as Warner’s new love interest, but Senior and All-National Music Honors student Olivia Anderson was a pleasure both to watch when mean girl becomes fan girl and to hear as she energetically sings Elle’s praises in Legally Blond Remix.
    • Senior Amanda Wessels could not have been more dynamic as murder suspect and fitness guru Brook Wyndham.  Singing Whipped Into Shape while jumping rope, Amanda’s portrayal in the gym, in prison and in the court room was always invigorating. 
    • Junior Samantha LoGrippo commanded her role as Enid Hoops both with her powerful singing and quick comic timing that produced huge laughs.


    To name but a few of the remarkable and lighthearted routines in Legally Blonde, there was...

    • Omigod You Guys that featured the Delta Nu contingent: Jackie Weinfeld, Zoe Rivera,Gabrielle Luthy, Kaitlyn Maher, Gabby Medeck, Mikayla Zeman, Elizabeth Campbell;
    • Harvard Variations with the versatile singers, dancers, actors Christopher Castelli, Samantha LoGrippo, and Hunter Caiazzo;
    • Bend and Snap that spotlighted Elle’s amazing cheerleaders/Greek Chorus members Melina Piervencenti, Isabella Arzt, and Chloe Dymek and the dancing talents of Michelle Buono;
    • Gay or European with the rip roaring antics of Aidan DeVerna and Shaun Gibbons;
    • Legally Blonde Remix with Kyle Brendan O’Boyle’s Irish dancing numberthat showcased the appealing talents of Christopher Pitre;
    • Scene of the Crime with Anna Crisalli as witness Chutney Wyndham;
    • The Golf-cart Driver was a cameo by none other than Assistant Principal Mike Baio;
    • A special bow wow to the two pets who did their best: Ell's dog Brutus is Pebbles Maher and Paulette's dog Rufus is Baxter LaFroscia.

    The aptly named “SAYBILL” listed all who had contributed their time and talents in the production of this year’s Sayville High School musical.  Unquestionably, the ensemble onstage and musicians in the orchestra were vital in supporting the production. In addition, there were so many within the Sayville High School music and drama programs whose creative energies deserve thanks: Musical Director: Jeffrey Hoffman, Producer/Lighting/Technical Director: Ari Kramer, Lighting Lead Technician: Autumn Dushnik and Eric Foster, Orchestra Conductor: Kerri VanBoxel, Scenery: Pete Carbocci, Sound Supervisor: Joseph Albanese, Prop/Paint Manager: Lillian Schweikert, Stage  Manager: Mackenzie Leddy, Stage Hands: Matthew Aracri, Nicholas Cameron, Christopher Hunt, Moira Mahoney, Nicolas Pitschi, Katie Zender, Matt Zender...Again this year, special thanks go to Mrs. Denise Baio who took on the mammoth tasks of dance, makeup, and costume directing.

    Congratulations to everyone for an outstanding job. “We loved you guys!”