Role Models of Sterling Character Honored at 2018 Spring Breakfast of Champions

2018 Spring Breakfast of Champions
  • Described by their High School teachers, staff and peers as “kind, compassionate, friendly, and hardworking,” twenty nominees were honored at the 2018 Spring Breakfast of Champions ceremony.

    “…in today’s society we are often judged or valued based upon material possessions or on wealth, but character is …. about who you are.” Extolling the virtues of the Spring Breakfast of Champions recipients, High School Assistant Principal Jillian Makris spoke eloquently in her opening statement. “They are role models,” Mrs. Makris continued who “through their positive conduct have made a difference in the lives of others and provided the essential components for a successful High School Community.” In addition to recognizing the nominees, Mrs. Makris praised the parents for their positive influence and support.  

    During the presentation the nominees were called up by the teachers who nominated them and presented with touching personalized statements, along with certificates and Breakfast of Champions plaques-- their portraits on a Wheaties Box background created by Tech teachers Cross and Vogel. 

    After all the honorees were recognized, the moving ceremony ended with a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs’ n cheese, French Toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage patties, fresh fruit bowl, assorted bagels  and rolls that were served up with a smile by the Sayville Food Service. And special thanks go to the members of the Sayville String Quartet and Mr. Ari Kramer for the lovely musical interludes.


  • Congratulations to following:

     Breakfast of Champions - Nominated By

    1. Jenna Buyes - Ms. Kremer-Parrott
    2. Michael Castagna - Ms. VanDorn
    3. Caitlyn Cea - Ms. Kahan
    4. Claire Constantino - Ms. Pellegrini
    5. Faith Dargis - Ms. Werner
    6. Jenna Deignan - Ms. Rizzo-Shore
    7. Brendan Dillon -  Ms. Dashiell
    8. Robert Dushnick - Ms. Werner
    9. Eric Foster - Mr. Kramer
    10. Jenna Guerra - Ms. Chirichella
    11. Christopher Hichborn - Ms. Makris
    12. Christian Keghlian - Mr. Dillon
    13. Hailey Lap - Ms. Richter
    14. Amanda Passin - Ms. Kahan
    15. Kailee Reynolds - Ms. Kahan
    16. Caitlin Reilly - Ms. Sohl
    17. Philip Rinaldi III - Ms. Thelian
    18. Curtis Russo - Ms. Sinclair
    19. Madeline Schaefer - Mr. Sznitken
    20. Taylor Starr -Ms. Thomas