A Boost of Energy At Sunrise

  • The Sunrise Drive students showed extraordinary sportsmanship at the recent the PTA Boosterthon and Sunny’s Fun Run. To help raise money for the PTA’s Cultural Arts program, the Sunrise students enlisted help in the way of pledges from families and friends and promised to run 30-35 short laps on the school field.

    Sunrise Drive Principal Dr. James Foy was so impressed by the amazing collaboration of students, school community and parent partnership, he shared his reaction to the entire event with the following message (see right):


     I want to thank you all for everything that you have done to help make the PTA Boosterthon and Sunny’s Fun Run such a huge success.  Sunrise Drive is a great school for so many reasons.  It goes without saying that students always come first.  The partnership that exists between the school, parents, and community is second to none.  Although this was a fundraiser, you helped to make it into something much more than that.  Students worked as a team to learn different character traits.  They challenged themselves mentally and physically to achieve a goal.  Most importantly, each person helped to encourage them along every step.

    To quote one of the teachers here, “They pushed through exhaustion and fought hard to reach their goal.” “I'm so proud to be their teacher, and be a part of Sunrise Drive. Those little people who ran their hearts out inspired me today.“ 

    As always, I am proud to call myself a Sunrise Duck!

    Thank you,

    Jim Foy