Moving Up from Sunrise Drive

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  • In a celebratory send-off, the Sunrise Drive students lined the halls to applaud the Fifth-graders as they walked by on their way to the Moving-Up ceremonies in the Cafetorium.
    Family and friends were treated to the traditional singing of Sunrise Drive You Are the One, composed and directed by Mrs. Amy Baron and sung splendidly by the Moving-Up Class of 2018. In addition, Mrs. Baron directed the students in two rousing selections throughout the program, We Go Together and A Million Dreams.

    Sunrise Drive Principal, Dr. James Foy welcomed the guests, students, and their families. “It is hard to believe,” Dr. Foy remarked, “that the Class of 2025 is almost halfway through their educational journey here in our district.” Middle School Principal Tom Murray was invited to greet the incoming Sixth-graders, and after, recognition was given to the Fifth-graders for achieving excellence in academics and for outstanding character (see lists below).

    During his address, Dr. Foy extoled the virtues and accomplishments of the class by enumerating some of the kindnesses performed by the students this year. “This exemplary group of young men and women has demonstrated such amazing community outreach and service and served as role models to the younger classes.” After the Fifth-grade teachers had announced the names of their students, each student was awarded a certificate by Dr. Foy.

    In closing, Dr. Foy offered congratulations to the students and their parents, thanked Sayville administrators, faculty, staff, and Board of Education for their support, and gave the students one final encouragement: “In the song you just sang it said, A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.” So make your dreams and then have courage to make them come true and by doing that, you will make the world a better place.”

    Suffolk County Legislator Presiding Officer Award to Nate Traina; NYS Comptroller Award to Maura Reilly and Tyler Brown; Attorney General’s Triple-C Award to Gavin Foster and Liam Flanagan; County Executive, Steven Bellone Award to Alexander Clark and Emma Como; The American Citizenship Award to Robert Rubino, Cassidy Beach, and Dylan Kent;the 3 R’s Respect for self, Respect for others, and Respect Award to Andrew Law, Joseph Kohn, and Emma Tassino




    Academic Gold students:

              Donovan Bartolotta

              Haley D’Ambrosio

              Grace Garafola

              Jake Hinteman

              Elizabeth Holahan

              Kellie LaMar

              Andrew Law

              Jake Maksimiak

              Kyle Messina

              Robert Rubino

              Emma Tassino

              Andrew Thiakodemitris

    Silver students:

               Carly Brady

              Tyler Brown

              Emma Como

              Christopher Costa

              Griffin Entenberg

              Liam Flanagan

              Elena Haakonson

              Logan Keil

    Maia Ludwig

    Steven Mercorella

    Brody O’Connell

    Maura Reilly

    Sienna Turner

    Jordan Weber

    Sydney Young    

Moving Up from Cherry Avenue

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  • At the 2018 Moving-Up ceremony, Cherry Avenue Principal Dr. Lisa Ihne welcomed “parents, family, and friends, administrators: Dr. Stimmel, Dr. Criscione, Mr. Belmonte, Mr. Murray, and Ms. Hall, Legislator William J. Lindsay III, Ms. Rachel Anello, Assistant Attorney General from the Suffolk Regional Office, Mr. Ben Kemper, and of course, our guests of honor: the Fifth-grade students.”

    In her general address, Dr. Ihne shared words of praise for her students. “It has been a privilege to know these students and serve as their Principal. They are a polite, determined, fun, and compassionate group of students well prepared for the next phase in their education. I have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of the students and as much as we would like to keep them longer, it is time for them to move on to the Middle School.”

    Turning toward the Moving-Up Class, Dr. Ihne said, “Students, the staff and I look forward to hearing about your experiences and accomplishments in the years to come and although we will miss you tremendously a piece of you will always remain with us at Cherry Avenue School.”

    After Dr. Ihne thanked all the parents for their “trust and for being part of their children’s education,” she recognized those parents who were moving up as well and then introduced Middle School Principal Mr. Thomas Murray. Presentations of the special awards (see below)and the awarding of Moving-Up Certificates followed. Before the ceremony closed, the entertainment included a charming slideshow prepared by the parents and several musical numbers directed by Kristi Woerner Because of You and We’re Moving Up which had been beautifully paraphrased for the Class of 2018.

    Kemper Award-Charles Duplessis, Emily Finn;  CamRun Award-Kevin Dolan; Cherry Good Choice-Madden Breunig; Triple C-Taylor Carpentieri, Lucy Vermilyea; S.C. Legislature Character Excellence Award-Katerina Michaelides; County Exec Public Service Award-Julianna Weinfeld; NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award-Sofia Cangelosi, Erin Costa, Jasmine Evans


    Academic Award- Gold     

    1- Sofia Cangelosi

    2- Taylor Carpentieri

    3- Joseph Connor

    4- Erin Costa            

    5- Jasmin Evans

    6- Matthew Luffman

    7- Julianna Weinfeld

    8- Jolie Whalen

    9- Adria Vargas


    Academic Silver

    1- Lucy Vermilyea

    2- Rachel Wiebke

    3- Isabella Lundquist

    4- Olivia Moynihan

    5-Shay Plitt

    6- Christopher Capriotti

    7- Katerina Michaelides






Moving Up from Lincoln Avenue

  • For more photos go to the Digital Backpack , click on the Moving Up in 2018 Folder for Lincoln Avenue.

  • Welcoming families, friends, administrators, and guests to the Moving-Up ceremony, Lincoln Avenue Principal Dr. Michele LeBlanc shared words of thanks, particularly for the parents, “Let me begin by thanking you for being with us today, and for being with us these past six years. Your attention and time given to support your child’s academics and our school activities are genuinely appreciated. We are proud of all that these children have accomplished and we are thankful to all of you in this room for the nurturing support and love which has brought them to their seats today.”

    As part of the Lincoln Avenue Moving-Up tradition, Dr. LeBlanc acknowledged the volunteer efforts of a special group of graduating parents—“those who served on the PTA board, the Site Based Team as well as those in the audience....These two organizations are highly efficient and have been productive and successful in supporting our academic, social-emotional and enrichment programs. Their countless efforts add great value to our school.”

    In her brief address, Dr. LeBlanc noted the importance of all the students’ experiences, “Six years at Lincoln Avenue… We have spent over 1,000 days of school together. As you will hear from our [student] speakers in just a bit, this group has placed great value on special opportunities provided to them, and their relationships with their teachers and classmates. John Adams, our second President of the United States, believed that there should be two types of education. He said, ‘One should teach us to make a living, and the other how to live.’”

    The Lincoln celebration continued with Middle School Principal Tom Murray greeting his new Sixth-graders. Students representing each Fifth-grade class (see right, top-bottom) Anna Reilly, Breanna McBride, Angelina Campos, and Kamryn Restivo gave articulate recollections in their insightful essays about their years at Lincoln.

    Dr. LeBlanc complimented the four students who were chosen to speak for their classes, “Our speakers today express their gratitude for their opportunities and friendships, a very mature recognition at ten years old. I would love to have John Adams in the room with us today!”

    Music teacher Christine Cirillo directed members of the Fifth-grade Chorus and dedicated their performance of For Good to the retiring Mrs. Katherine Whitehurst (photo left). After the students received their certificates, specific awards from local politicians were given, and the concluding number arranged by Ms. Cirillo Graduation Train which was sung by the entire class. Dr. LeBlanc closed with “one last bit of parting wisdom… a great piece of advice the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking imparted…and I think he was talking to our Fifth-graders when he said this: ‘Remember to look up at the stars, NOT DOWN at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is ALWAYS something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you just don’t give up.’”

    Finally, Dr. LeBlanc wished the students well with, “Congratulations to Lincoln Avenue Class of 2018!”

    NY STATE COMPTROLLER “ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” -Scarlett Reilly, Vincent Fontanetta; Triple “C” AwardAudrey Bertch,Isabella Pusateri, SUFFOLK COUNTYLEGISLATURE’S “CHARACTER EXCELLENCE AWARD”Elizabeth McCabe, Julia Deal;  


    Academic Gold

    Philip Abad

    John Alliegro

    McKenna Broderick

    Christian Buono

    Camden Cheshire

    Vincent Fontanetta

    Jack Hartman

    Dario Jaimes

    Gioia Racanelli

    Scarlett Reilly

    Kamryn Restivo

    Robert Russo

    Abigail Schroeder

    Samuel Wilbert

    Adam Williams   

    Silver Award

    Khadija Abid

    Cristiana Anastasio

    Alexander Baumbach

    Bruno Cappiello

    Kailey Chiusano

    Melissa Covais

    Julia Deal

    Ryan DeSabato

    Sean Evans

    Abigail Galaris

    Nicole Graziano

    Emily Halloran

    Lauren Pallaci

    Anna Reilly  

    Kevin Schmidt

    Patrick Scomello