Looking Forward, Sayville Superintendent Gives Sayville Educators a Glimpse of the Future…2031 to be exact…

  • First day back for Sayville’s returning teachers and staff had certain amenities: a continental breakfast in the spruced-up Middle School cafeteria and a slideshow in the auditorium showcasing the staff’s summer photos. After opening with the pledge, talented student vocalist Shaun Gibbons sang the National Anthem; then Donald Schweikert amazed the audience with his performance of a Bach bassoon solo. Board of Education President John Verdone and Sayville Teachers Association President Michael Pace each offered words of encouragement before Sayville Superintendent of Schools Dr. John E. Stimmel welcomed everyone.  Dr. Stimmel briefly shared the vision and focus of the district’s goals this year. However, the assembly never anticipated the biggest surprise Dr.  Stimmel saved for the end of his presentation.

    Citing as his inspiration the successful first “Inspirational Walk” (during which the capped-and-gowned members of the Class of 2018 had visited their elementary schools last spring), Dr. Stimmel delighted the educators who filled the auditorium with his surprising announcement.

     “Introducing the Class of 2031,” Dr. Stimmel declared. “Meet some members of our incoming kindergarten class!”  Wide-eyed kindergarten students clutching a beloved toy in one hand and clasping the hand of a family member with the other paraded in an orderly fashion and took center stage.   When the audience rose to their feet with applause and cheers, some kindergarteners responded with broad smiles, some giggled and some shyly pulled closer to their parents or hugged their favorite toys. To their credit, not one cried.  “Show everyone what you brought,” Dr. Stimmel suggested to the children and every child proudly displayed his or her special toy for all to see. 

    Beyond the sweet moment of introductions, this glimpse of the future touched everyone’s hearts and underscored the District’s unwavering commitment. Ending his presentation Dr. Stimmel thanked all district personnel, saying, “I feel very fortunate to work with individuals who have dedicated their lives to nurturing and educating children.”

    The Superintendent's Conference Day concluded with a comprehensive "Security Overview" presentation conducted by Sayville Head of Security John Giambrone.