Diving into Marine Science! A visit from a Certified Diver: Mr. Bill Vogel, Sayville Tech Teacher

Mr. Vogel Shares Diving Experiences
Charts of shipwrecks off Long Island
  • Sayville’s Technology teacher Bill Vogel made a special visit to Cindy Giannico’s High School Marine Science class to talk about his diving experiences. Certified to dive deeper than the average recreational diver, Mr. Vogel has had many years’ experience and shared with the students how exciting it is to explore all the shipwrecks located off Long Island, including the USS San Diego and the “Mount Everest of diving,”  the Andrea Doria. He impressed the students not only by showing them the artifacts he has collected during his dives, but by emphasizing the importance of the dive equipment he uses to ensure that his explorations are safe. 

    Mrs. Giannico and the entire class were grateful to Mr. Vogel for taking the time to enlighten them about the wonders of undersea diving.