Visitors in a cultural exchange.

Visitors from France, La Famille LeMouel Meet Sayville French Students

  • Recently, Sayville World Languages teacher Suzanne Hoss welcomed to her home visitors from France: her longtime friend and current English teacher in France, Mrs. Ida LeMouel, with her two children, Solène and Erwan. During this visit, Mrs. Hoss brought her guests to meet the students in the Sayville French classes, colleagues Mrs. Richter and Mr. Nani, and to engage in a conversational cultural exchange. 

    They talked “to the students about where they live in the Rhône Alpes region of France,” Mrs. Hoss said. “Our students learned about class schedules in France, foods, technology usage, French and American traditions, and the life of a typical teenager.   Some of the students even exchanged Snapchat accounts in the hopes of continuing to communicate!  This was a wonderful opportunity for our students. Merci à la famille LeMouel!