Cherry Avenue is THANK--ful for Veterans

Students Sing Patriotic Songs
  • In honor of Veterans Day, Mrs. Teufel’s second graders and Mrs. Batterberry’s Kindergarten students at Cherry Avenue School joined forces to invite local Veterans to a THANK—ful Veterans Day Brunch.  “This year, we wanted to follow the success of the Greenlight A Vet Project,” Mrs. Batterberry explained, “that we started a few years ago at Cherry." The Cherry Avenue community was encouraged to show both our town and our Veterans that they support those who served in the military by purchasing (or reusing) a green bulb to light their front porches for the month of November.

    But the purpose of this special THANK—ful  brunch for Veterans was two-fold. “…with Thanksgiving around the corner," Mrs. Batterberry said, "who could we be more THANK—ful for than our VETERANS?   All the students at Cherry Avenue were sent an invitation for any Veterans in their family to attend our THANK—ful Event. Any student that had a special vet was also welcome to join our two classes at the brunch.  Students stayed to serve and eat with their special Veteran.  The turnout was great! We had over fifty veterans attend this year.”

    Opening the event with entertainment, the Cherry Avenue students briefly sang patriotic songs and recited an acrostic poem for the word “VETERAN.”  After, all the guests shared in a brunch sponsored by the culinary students at B.O.C.E.S. “We could not have pulled off the day with as much success if it wasn’t for Barry Rosenthal from B.O.C.E.S He provided us with all the staff— B.O.C.E.S students—and food.  We also have to thank Mrs. Susan Metzler for all of her help. She lends a hand EACH and EVERY year. Our THANK--ful brunch for Veterans was one the students and staff at Cherry Avenue won’t soon forget.”

Student and Local Veteran