The 2018 Sayville Middle School Musical Presentation--Beauty and the Beast, JR--was a delight!

Sayville Middle School Production  Beauty and the Beast JR
  •  “They can sing, they can dance! After all, Miss, this is France!”

  • Well, maybe not quite France, but the Dr. David M. Jones auditorium at Sayville Middle School served nicely.

    Beauty and the Beast, with its touching themes about the transformative power of love, has long been a favorite fairytale, made more so by Disney’s magical musical animation, theatrical production, and recent release of a live-version adaptation. Embracing this “tale as old as time,” the Sayville Middle School students brought their outstanding singing talents to this timeless classic in their recent musical production of Disney Beauty and the Beast, Junior Edition.  Each night’s performance got better and better at both transforming the Middle School stage into that magical place and transfixing the audience with their enchanting retelling, as  “two hearts become one...”

    • Playing the plucky Belle, Maya Guacci had excellent stage presence. She carried every performance with authentic emotions and sensational singing, including the musical’s favorite melodies, Belle, Home, Be Our Guest, and Something There.
    • As the sorely misunderstood Beast, Ethan Alcantara was spine-tingling, especially in his rendition of If I Can’t Love Her.
    • Ben Flaumenhaft was a masterful Gaston, giving his character broad strokes of comedy and menace, and wowing audiences with his powerful singing of Gaston.
    • Liam Donovan was a well-paired Lefou for Gaston. He, too, gave the sidekick character great comedic energy and excellent singing voice.
    • Lumiere in the capable hands (candlesticks?) of Asher DeVerna was courtly and kind and a dashing host who made Belle feel the warm welcome in his entertaining signature song: Be Our Guest.
    • Carter White offered audiences a most sympathetic Cogsworth, who worried about upsetting the delicate balance in Beast’s Castle.
    • Amelia Wells was a bubbly Mrs. Potts. She not only charmed audiences with her lovely singing of Beauty and the Beast, her character portrayal was an excellent homage to Angela Lansbury’s performance—British accent and all!
    • Grace McCavanagh, in the grand role as Madame de La Grande Bouche, was over the top with her amazing soprano voice.
    • Samantha Hmelovsky’s Babette greatly tickled audiences with her flirtatious and feathery allure.
    • Casting couldn’t have done better than Lizzie Holahan, who was an absolutely adorable Chip!
    • Playing the eccentric Maurice, Vincent Fontanetta held his own unique part with style.
    • Dominic Lewis believably portrayed the sinister Monsier D’Arque who conspired with Gaston against Maurice and Belle.
    • Kylie Corrao and Gianna Lefata were a lovely pair of Silly Girls enamored of Gaston.
    • The Narrators: Madison Anderson, Harper DeVerna, Nadia Moosa, and Amanda Kleinman were articulate in providing the backstory of enchantment and adventure.
    • Abby Noack as the Enchantress and Dance Captain was a graceful presence within the ensemble.
    • Emerging from the Ensemble during the opening number, Aidan Griffin was memorable as the kind bookseller.

    Congratulations to Director/Choreographer Kim DuFrenoy, Musical Director Fred Diekmann, Producer/Lighting Ari Kramer, Sound Joseph Albanese, Production staff including Set Construction: Kris Kenyon, and Nicholas Cameron, Stage Manager:  Nicolas Cameron and Stage-Paint Manager:  Lillian Schweikert-Paint and Nicolas Cameron, Directors’ Assistant Gabrielle Luthy, Lighting Manager Autumn Dushnick;  Props: Jag Rivers, Lillian Schweikert, Sayville Art Club and Art Department  costumes Barbara Kirby, Broadhollow Theater and St. Agnes School along with the extra wonderful ensemble cast and crew!

    Roaring with approval after each performance, the audiences stood up and cheered, showing their “deepest pride and greatest pleasure” (to borrow the lyrics from Be Our Guest), for this most enjoyable Sayville Middle School Musical production.

Belle  with Book Seller in Provincial town
Lefou and Gaston
Servants at the Enchanted Castle
Beauty and the Beast