Hip! Hip! Hooray! Cherry’s Fiftieth-Day of K!

Kindergarten Class celebrates 50th Day
  • Cherry Avenue Kindergarten Classes got a jump on the usual 100th Day Celebration with a 50th Day retro theme.  On November 27th, the students were entertained by lively lessons.  “Each class visited our 50’s Diner to rock and roll,” Mrs. Jeanette Georges, explained. “Students circulated the room to complete four 50's math stations. They sorted and counted 50 shapes, played rock-and-roll addition, drove a car to number 50, and built a structure of 50 Legos! Students danced to Jailhouse Rock and Twist and Shout! Mrs. Batterberry, Mrs. Gallo, Mrs. Georges and Mrs. Delaney dressed as the Pink Ladies to support their Boogie Woogie activities!” ​

    With the Kindergartners thoroughly schooled on the number 50, it’s likely they will have double the fun on their 100th Day Celebration!

Teachers as Pink Ladies
Mrs. Gallo's Kindergarten class
Mrs. Georges' Kindergarten Class
Kindergarten teachers