At Sunrise Drive, Ninja Warrior Juniors Enjoy a Special Obstacle Course

Ninja Warrior Participants at Sunrise Drive
  • When you’re a kid, what better way to deal with the winter doldrums of inactivity than with an obstacle course?

    All through the month of January, Sunrise Drive students in their Physical Educations classes had great fun becoming Ninja Warrior Juniors with The Giant Obstacle Course prepared by their teachers Mr. Gary Jensen and Ms. Amy Chaimowitz.

    In addition to the basic obstacles that allowed the students to enjoy the course at their own pace, the course was also designed for those students who wanted to be timed to see how fast they could finish. “We wanted the children to move swiftly but safely,” Ms. Chaimowitz explained, “so we added a rule that if they fell, they had to stop the timer. This special course for the Third, Fourth and Fifth grade consisted of a rock wall to climb, tires, monkey bars, an A-frame cargo net to climb through, low balance beams, swinging ropes, giant hurdles, and more.” 

    All the children were encouraged to do their personal best, although some met the challenges like true Ninja Warriors. “Our Top 10 students had times from 1:19 seconds to an amazing time of 0:58 seconds set by fifth-grader James Regan,” Ms. Chaimowitz said.  “The course was voluntary but we had many participants. The majority of our Fifth-grade students who will be leaving us in June have said that The Giant Obstacle Course was something they loved and will never forget!” 

    Both Mr. Jensen and Ms. Chaimowitz agreed, “We are looking forward to making it even bigger and better next year.”


    • James Regan           0:58
    • Rianna Krempa       1:05
    • Grace Cullen            1:08
    • Daniel Babcock        1:10
    • Nicolette Alonso       1:12
    • Connor Byrnes          1:13
    • Jake Bourguignon    1:15
    • Braeden Skelly         1:16
    • Payton Yonick          1:17
    • Evan Holbrook         1:19
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