• At the Middle School’s Annual Character Luncheon, a PTA-sponsored event held in December, a total of eleven Sixth graders and ten Seventh graders were nominated by their teachers for showing exceptional character and for being role-model students in the Middle School community.  “We celebrated with a special lunch from Sayville Sandwich,” remarked Guidance Counselor Cortney Culkin who organized and ran the event, “to recognize their positive contributions to our school. Each student was given a Certificate of Appreciation.”

    Congratulations go to the following:

Seventh Graders
  • ABOVE PHOTO: Seventh Graders with their teachers who nominated them (l-r): 

    1. Sophia Lorenzo
    2. Mrs. Rafferty
    3. Lily Coan
    4. Delaney Lutz
    5. Madison DeCicco
    6. Skyler Collins
    7. Kyla Canterella
    8. Sean Folks
    9. Steven Jaklitsch
    10. Zachary Watson
    11. Matthew Campos
    12. Mrs. Maurici
    13. Mrs. Hayes
  • PHOTO BELOW: Sixth Graders (l-r): 

    1. Jack Hartman
    2. Olivia Moynihan
    3. Charles McLaughlin
    4. Kyle Messina
    5. Ian Donenfeld
    6. Shay Plitt
    7. Rachel Wiebke
    8. Elle McCormack
    9. Taylor Carpentieri
    10. Amber Palowski
    11. (not in picture) Dillon Garcia
Sixth Graders