Sayville Leads a New Consortium with a Special Technology Grant from NYSED

Members of the Sayville Consortium
  • Creating “Integrated Models of Learning for the Modern Classroom”

    Exploring ways to innovate education with technology is an ongoing endeavor for school districts across the nation, but thanks to the New York State Learning Technology Grant (LTG) program, $3.2 million is being awarded annually for three years to a “variety of educational technology programs statewide,” the NYSED website states. “The LTG program promotes collaboration among public school districts, BOCES, and religious and independent schools to develop, implement, and share programs, activities, and materials to facilitate the delivery of quality instruction, increase equitable access to high-quality learning experiences, and promote culturally- and linguistically-responsive learning environments for all students, using educational technology.”

    Recently, Sayville Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christine Criscione and Sayville Coordinator of Instructional Technology Barbara Hall submitted for and won the Long Island Region-Award grant of $198,800 to create a consortium of districts.

    Thanks to this funding from NYSED, Sayville is teaming up with Wyandanch and South Huntington School Districts to form the Sayville Consortium and will integrate classroom learning with West Sayville Christian School, West Hills Montessori and Academy, Huntington Montessori Samaritan Daytop Preparatory School, St. Anthony’s High School, and Long Island School for the Gifted.

    This Learning Technology Grant will subsidize technology for “Integrated Models of Learning for the Modern Classroom” that addresses the challenges of “segregated communities, lack of diverse content in curriculum, and decreased access to information.”  In addition, The Sayville Consortium aims to develop among Long Island students a better understanding of multiple cultures and perspectives.



    The Sayville Consortium expects to implement technology-supported models of learning over the next three years with the following goals and objectives:

    • To extend the integration of instructional technology in all high schools, but not limited to other levels
    • To expand on work around the Blended-Personalized Learning Model—which is a personalized instructional method involving face-to-face instruction from a teacher and online resources with teacher guidance—currently used in one of our high school’s science department
    • To find ways to use technology to support an Integrated Co-Teaching Model (ICT) —in which students with disabilities receive instruction in the general education classroom—at the middle and high school levels
    • To create and deliver Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Professional Development (CLR).


    It is with great excitement and enthusiasm Dr. Criscione announced this award and the Consortium’s plans, “We look forward to working collaboratively with South Huntington and Wyandanch to enhance the implementation of new pedagogies in our respective districts.”


    Photo above left to right:  Blanca Duarte from LogicWing, Inc. a  professional development, training and consulting service for educational institutions, non-profit organizations and small businesses; Sayville Coordinator of Instructional Technology Barbara Hall; Sayville Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Christine Criscione; Wyandanch Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Gina Talbot; and Wyandanch  Curriculum Associate for S.T.E.M. Ms. Izett Thomas.

    For more information about the NYSED grant go to:   Learning Technology Grants (LTG)