Sayville Students’ Virtual Enterprise Firms Earn Notable Mention in the VE “Top 50”

VEI Leadership Conference
  • Sayville High School’s Virtual Enterprise International firms, 1 Click Tickets and Altitude Extreme Sports, both received “Notable Mention for this period” of January, 2019 in the VE Top 50, a national competition of thousands. Sales are generated by selling products on the company website, attending trade shows, direct mail marketing, and telephone sales. In fact, 1 Click Tickets had exceeded its projected yearly sales revenue of 1.13 million dollars.” These Sayville students deserve praise for their accomplishments as this is no easy task given the scope of contenders.

    Since 1996, Virtual Enterprise International, an educational nonprofit, has been “transforming students into business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom,” it states on its website. Additionally, Virtual Enterprise International has served “over 140,000 students, including many from economically disadvantaged communities,” supporting over 15,000 students across nineteen U.S. states each year. In these twenty-three years, Virtual Enterprise International has challenged students not only to think, but to succeed in the business sector.

     For four years, Sayville’s Chad Cross has taught a Virtual Enterprise International class based upon the VE program in which his Sayville students develop and operate a virtual startup business.  The Sayville students have shown great aptitude for conceptualizing new business models and have competed with thousands of other students by pitching their products at these VE International conferences and winning awards.

     This latest designation is yet another feather in Sayville’s VE cap of accomplishments.


     According to Virtual Enterprise International website:

    “The VE Top 50 is a composite method to identify the top firms in the VE program by measuring engagement and achievement of targeted initiatives throughout the year. VEI Firms were measured based on a weighted average of the following activities:

    • Submission of the written business plan
    • Participation in a local or regional business plan competition
    • Sales made by the firm to individuals or other VE businesses
    • Purchases made by the firm
    • Evidence of student transactions (purchases made from student accounts)
    • Rent and Utilities payments for the months of December and January
    • Payroll processed in the months of December and January
    • Participation in the National Online Website Competition

    VE’s team includes a community of educators, business leaders, and post-secondary partners who help guide our mission. We currently support over 15,000 students across 19 states each year.



1 Click Tickets

1 Click Tickets

Altitude Extreme Sports

Altitude Extreme Sports