2019 Inductees to the National Junior Honor Society
  • 2019  7th=Grade National Junior Honor Society Members


    First Name                    Last Name


    Gavin                 Acker

    Meredith            Albertelli  

    Quinn                 Babcock

    Catherine          Batterberry

    Mullane              Baumiller

    Luca                    Berlingieri

    Lia                        Bickerton

    Joseph                Blanco

    Daniel                 Blanco

    Timothy               Brady

    Charles               Breen

    Alessandra        Burke

    Abigail                Cabrera

    Gia                      Caiazzo

    Kyla                     Canterella

    Kyla                     Carter

    Lily                       Coan

    Ethan                  Cohen

    Skyler                  Collins

    Anthony             Contaldi

    Evan                    Cook

    Courtney            Corcoran

    Lily                       Corcoran

    Faith                    Cummings

    Kaylee                Cummings

    Ava                     Cutolo

    Megan               Daily

    Jack                    D’Andrea

    Emma                 Dean-Stahl


    Jillian                   Denaro

    Mia                      DeSimone

    Angelina            DeVito

    Kayla                   Diaz

    Taylor                  DiMenna

    Liam                    Dowling

    Robert                Doyle

    Colleen               Doyle

    Carly                             Dubay

    Ethan                  Entenberg

    James                 Erickson

    Andrew              Faraci

    Sean                   Folks

    Genevieve        Frawley

    Sophia                Furno

    Josiah                 George

    Isabella               Gerena

    Luke                    Hansen

    Luca                    Hart

    Emily                    Helbock

    Connor               Henry

    Owen                 Hintemen

    Emily                    Hodgkinson

    Daniel                 Holahan

    Ella                       Holt

    Grace                 Kelley

    James                 Kretz

    Samantha                   Larkin

    Avery                  Lazarus

    Kate                    Leigh-Manuell

     Sophia                Lorenzo

    Delaney             Lutz

    Joseph                Malossi

    Gianna               Maniscalo

    Elizabeth            Mansfield

    Caleigh              Mansfield

    Ellise                     Marino

    Elle                       Maslak

    Jacob                 McCabe

    Madeline           Mckillop

    Loghan               McNamara

    Jessica                Menze

    Brendan             Meyers

    Jared                  Mitchell

    Sophia                Montalto

    Nadia                 Moosa

    Sadie                  Nelson

    Jackson              Neugebauer

    Erin                      Parrott

    Savannah                   Perez

    Kylie                     Person

    Ryan                             Probeyahn

    Haydyn               Proscia

    Morgan              Reese

    Kyla                     Ricevuto

    James                 Rosica

    Ava                     Rueb

    Amelia                Sarni


    Caitlyn                Schutte

    Elizabeth            Sheehan

    Marissa               Stephan

    James                 Talbot

    Trey                      Tellier

    Courtney            Thornton

    Jake                    Tripptree

    Brett                    Walther

    Emily                    Watters

    Lilana                  Yoder

    Benjamin            Young



    2019 8th-Grade National Junior Honor Society Members

    First Name            Last Name


    Serena                Bruno

    Sara                    Jaklitsch

    Emily                    Langhan

    Brianna               Linss

    Justina                Lowe

    Abigail                Noack



    Grand Total: 104



  • Thirty-four years ago, the Sayville Middle School launched its chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Since that time, the Middle School has recognized thousands of students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character while at the Middle School.

    This year Sayville Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society recently celebrated the induction of 104 new members who have maintained an average of 95 or above for four quarters and who submitted a letter of application that expresses their dedication to the principles of the Honor Society.

    After opening the evening ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Madeline Gibbons, NJHS advisor Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews welcomed the
    Seventh- and Eighth-grade inductees and their families. One-by-one select current society members assisted with the traditional proceedings. Some enumerated the five attributes necessary to qualify for the induction: Olivia Desiderio read about Scholarship, Charlize Strittmatter explained Service, Samantha Hmelovsky described Leadership, Ava Gustafston defined Character, and Julie Weisenberger clarified Citizenship, while Olivia Henke lit the corresponding (electric) candle. Other members—Amanda Anderson, Madison Anderson, Natalie Jones, Julia Lynch, Kristin Tellier—called the inductees to the stage
    to receive their award certificates and handshakes from Middle School Assistant Principal Brian Decker and Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews.

    To complete the new members induction, current NJHS member Taylor Totevski led the inductees in the NJHS Pledge.

    Closing the ceremony with parting words, Mrs. Lloyd-Matthews reminded the students to continue demonstrating the qualities of the NJHS through their attitude and actions throughout the school year. Assistant Principal Decker praised the students for their participation in numerous community-based service organizations and expressed his hope they would continue to “be inspired to keep our traditions alive and to keep making positive changes for all of us. Once again, congratulations on this great honor.”

    The following students who were inducted this year are: (see list).