Sayville Senior Lauren Vahle Receives Allstate Safe-Driving Activist Award

  •  “The Suffolk County High School Principal Association hosted an annual scholarship luncheon at Coindre Hall in Huntington Bay.  Lauren Vahle, a senior at SHS was honored along with about a dozen other seniors representing other high schools throughout Suffolk County for championing/demonstrating leadership and safe driving and decision making.  Lauren is the President of our SADD club, advised by Ms. Censoplano and Ms. Sznitken,” Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer reported.

For her SADD service, Lauren Vahle is the Allstate Safe-Driving Activist Award Winner

For her SADD service, Lauren Vahle is the Allstate Safe-Driving Activist Award Winner
  • Award Ceremony


  • (photo L-R: Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer, Kimberly Sznitken, Lauren Vahle, Susan Censoplano, Sayville Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Dr. Christine Criscione and Sayville Superintendent Dr. John E. Stimmel.)

  • Making good decisions while driving is the driving message Lauren Vahle has hoped to convey both through her service as president of SADD and the many campaigns she has launched through the club.  “Lauren takes her role as president of SADD very seriously,” her mother, Beth Ann, stated, “ and hopes that other students will become involved in good decision making."

    During the award ceremony, SADD club advisor Susan Censoplano had delivered the following speech that perfectly defines Lauren:

    “Ms. Lauren Vahle joined SADD in September 2017; shortly after she assumed the role of secretary. It was evident from the beginning that she possessed leadership qualities.  Therefore, this year, she serves as president and leads our members with integrity, honesty, and dignity.   She has planned and spearheaded many of our campaigns and events regarding safe driving. She inspires and encourages our members to reach out to others, to help them make healthy decisions, and to remind them that they are not alone. 

    “From simple educational campaigns to organizing a school wide program, Lauren has worked to encourage her peers to think about their actions and make decisions that are healthy for themselves, their friends and their families. Her most recent endeavor includes working with an officer from Suffolk County Police Department’s Motor Carrier Safety Section. Together, they have planned a full day program for our high school. There will be several stations students may visit involving tasks related to Distracted/Impaired Driving.

    “The students will also be able to try the Distracted Driving simulator and the Drunk Buggy. These are designed to demonstrate the hazards of driving while distracted or impaired.

    “It is Lauren’s desire that this event, combined with SADD’s other efforts, will help students avoid making decisions that could potentially destroy lives. Lauren is an intelligent, hardworking, and courageous young woman. I believe that Lauren has had an impact on her peers. She has served as a role model through her behaviors, her actions, and her words. Her efforts in getting a safe driving message across to her peers make her more than deserving of receiving this scholarship.

    “We are very proud of you and what you have accomplished. We will miss you.”