2019 Breakfast of Champions

2019 Breakfast of Champions

Celebrating Role Models at Breakfast of Champions

  • As a result of a slight change in the usual Sayville High School’s character-recognition program, the fall and spring ceremonies were combined into one larger celebration in which thirty students were honored.  Nothing else about the lovely Breakfast of Champions ceremony had been changed except, of course, the names of the recipients. High School Assistant Principal Jillian Makris noted in her opening address that a significant portion of this year's nominees had siblings or cousins who had also received this award in the past, proving her point that positive family influences and support are strong in nurturing good character.

    Still, “character is a choice, “Ms. Makris added. “Each and every student here this morning exemplifies outstanding character;” who have consistently demonstrated that they are “kind, compassionate, friendly, and hardworking,” within the High School community.” Extolling the virtues of the Spring Breakfast of Champions recipients, Ms. Makris spoke eloquently in her opening statement. “They are role models,” she continued, who “through their positive conduct have made a difference in the lives of others and provided the essential components for a successful High School Community.”

    One at a time during the recognition ceremony, the educators called up their nominees and presented them with touching personalized statements, along with certificates and Breakfast of Champions plaques-- their portraits on a Wheaties Box background created by Tech teachers Cross and Vogel. 

    After all the honorees were recognized, the breakfast—scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs’ n cheese, bacon, sausage patties, fresh fruit bowl, assorted bagels, and rolls along with beverages—was served with a smile by the Sayville Food Service. A special thanks go to the members of the Sayville String Quartet and Mr. Ari Kramer for the lovely musical interludes.


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Breakfast of Champions ceremony
  • See Certificates below:

  • Breakfast of Champions

    Nominated By

    1.      Charles Amodemo

    Mrs. Tripcovsky

    2.      Sierra Boyce

    Mrs. Thelian

    3.      Maria Buffardi

    Ms. Rizzo-Shore

    4.      Emily Corace

    Ms. Skahill

    5.      Michael Covais

    Mrs. Giannico

    6.      Molly Daly

    Mrs. Mattimore

    7.      Brendan Dargis

    Mrs. Danisi

    8.      Liam Davidson

    Mr. Caskey and Mrs. Brown

    9.      Brady Dolan

    Mr. Shaw

    10. Brooke Dubay

    Mrs. Giani

    11. Evan Geffner

    Mrs. Tripcovsky

    12. Madeline Henke

    Mrs. Walsh-Ahrens

    13.  Dylan Kolar

    Mrs. Censoplano and Ms. Backer

    14.  Christina Lennon

    Mrs. Kremer-Parrott

    15.  Aiden Lorenzo

    Mrs. Scordamaglia

    16. Aidan McCullough

    Mr. Pace

    17.  Deanna McNally

    Ms. Berotti and Mr. Hammer

    18.  Taylor Maddy

    Ms. Skahill

    19.  Erin Maher

    Mrs. Russ

    20. Maximus Maizus

    Mrs. Bricker

    21.  Emily Manning

    Mr. Sznitken

    22. Madison Mergl

    Mr. Sznitken

    23.  Preet Navi

    Mr. Dillon

    24. Hannah Niggemeier

    Mrs. Lutz

    25.  Madison Nolan

    Mrs. Richter

    26.  Marvin Peralta

    Mr. Braverman

    27.  Carmella Perrone

    Mrs. Dashiell

    28.  Haille Ross

    Mr. Sznitken

    29.  Abigail Sneddon

    Mrs. Bricker

    30.  Vincent Vertuccio

    Ms. Ferremi and Mrs. Perlin

Breakfast at Ceremony