The 45th High School Scholastic Award Ceremony

Sayville High School's 45th Scholastic Awards Ceremony

Sayville High School's  45th Scholastic Awards Ceremony
  • It was literally an “award-winning” celebration for the Class of 2019 (see booklet below right). Exceptional students were recognized for their excellence and dedication to scholarship, leadership, and service. Individuals were called to receive Departmental Awards, General School Awards and Community Scholarship Awards. During the ceremony, the Class of 2019 Valedictorian Sohum Sheth and Salutatorian Nicholas Cameron were recognized. 

    in addition, Principal Ron Hoffer announced the members of the class honored with Community Scholarships. “Our students benefit from the 126 scholarships, made available of which 119 are being presented this evening totaling over $135,652.24.  We are fortunate to have many of our donors here this evening, so for this portion of our program I would like to welcome our donors and/or their designees (26 presenters) to present their scholarships to our student winners."

    As a special tribute to the four Class of 2019 members joining the military—Christopher Hlavaty, Maximus Maizus, Anthony Musorofiti, and Maria Sanabria—Sayville Technology Chairperson and former Navy Chief Petty Officer Bryan Coon acknowledged their commitment in the annual, ceremonial challenge-coin tribute.


    • ASSET (Association of Suffolk County Supervisors for Educational Technologies) Scholarship-Bettina Bonfiglio
    • Baymen Soccer Club Scholarship-Sara Holmes
    • Blue Island Oyster Foundation Scholarship-Brady Dolan
    • The Bristal Assisted Living Scholarship-Maxwell Gallo
    • Dayton T. Brown Engineering Scholarship-Jon Ball
    • Matthew Cameron Memorial Scholarship-Sara Holmes
    • Mitchell Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship-Maximus Maizus
    • Mitchell Cangelosi Sustainability Scholarship-Harrison Bench
    • Cherry Avenue PTA Scholarship-Bettina Bonfiglio, Ava Herrera. Hannah Niggemeier, Christopher Pitre, Jacqueline Weinfeld
    • Christopher Dasaro Memorial Scholarship-Nicholas Cannetti
    • The Emma Shay Doxsee Helping Heart Memorial Scholarship-Kathryn Kolar
    • Dream Table LLC Scholarship-joshua Minutello
    • Friends of Sayville Library/Marjorie Ahner Memorial Scholarship-Gabriella Medeck, Anna O’Connell
    • Kara Galarreta Memorial Scholarship-Liam Berlingieri
    • Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship-Jordan Ramsaywak
    • Erin Halliday-Duffy Memorial Scholarship-Caitlyn Cea
    • Timothy Henck Memorial Scholarship-Caitlyn Cea
    • David & Ellen G. Jones Memorial Scholarship-Brady Dolan
    • Kiwanis Club of Sayville Vocational Scholarship-Hannah Niggemeier, Nadia Yajadda
    • Dorothy Kubelle Memorial Scholarship--Ariana Annarumma
    • Christopher Leib Memorial Scholarship-Grace Aversano
    • Lincoln Avenue PTA Scholarship-Emily Parsowith, Abigail Sneddon
    • Long Island Community Hospital Scholarship-Paige Hall
    • Marie P. LoCicero Family for Education Scholarship-Christopher Pitre
    • Captain Merrill H. Masin and Graham D. Masin Memorial Scholarship-Cory Cutrone, Douglas Hunter, Olivia Werner
    • Keith Ryan Nintzel Memorial Scholarship-Ariana Annarumma, Michael McKillop
    • Christopher D. O’Connell Memorial Scholarship-Maximus Maizus
    • Josephine Palumbo Memorial Scholarship-Bettina Bonfiglio, Christopher Pitre
    • Pilot Club of Sayville – Anchor Club Scholarship-Ariana Annarumma
    • Pilot Club of Sayville – Inspiration Scholarship-.Anna Peters
    • Pilot Club of Sayville Scholarship-Joshua Minutello
    • Billy Raimo Memorial Scholarship-Emily Benedetto
    • Cameron Riccomini Memorial Scholarship-Alexander Urmaza
    • David A. Roben Memorial Scholarship-Gabriella Medeck, Michaela Medeck
    • Rotary “Service Above Self” Scholarship-Abigail Sneddon

     (List of community scholarships continues in right column.)

Sayville Class of 2018 Scholastic Awards Celebration

2019 Scholastic Awards with Students' Names

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    • Sayville American Legion – Post 651 – Citizenship Scholarship-Andrew Liberato, Emily Manning, Liam Reddan
    • Sayville Boys Cross Country Scholarship-Donald Schweikert
    • Sayville Boys Field & Track Scholarship-Michael McKillop
    • Sayville Fire DepartmenT/John Trinkwald Memorial Scholarship-Katie Feeley
    • Sayville Fire Department/ Volunteer Exempt Firemen’s Benevolent Association Scholarship-Katie Feeley
    • Sayville Garden Club Scholarship-Harrison Bench
    • Sayville Girls Cross Country Scholarship-Jenna Newman
    • Sayville Girls Field & Track Scholarship-Jenna Newman
    • Sayville High School/ Class of 1965 Incentive Scholarship-Nicholas DeStefano, Ryan Severin
    • Sayville High School/Class of 1974 Alumni Scholarship-Keira Mizzi
    • Sayville High School/ Class of 1981 Courage Scholarship-Eric Gustafson
    • Sayville High School/ Spirit and Friendship Scholarship-Timothy Mohrmann
    • Sayville High School /Student Fund Scholarship-Nicholas Cameron,
    • Sohum Sheth
    • Sayville Middle School/High School PTA Scholarship-Caitlin Adams,
    • Lauren Birong, Bettina Bonfiglio, Nicholas Cameron, Cassandra Deutsch,
    • Joshua Minutello, Emily Parsowith, Christopher Pitre, Sohum Sheth
    • Sayville Music Booster Association Betsy Cohen Memorial Scholarship-Christina LaFroscia
    • Sayville Music Booster Association James Lawlor Memorial Scholarship-Alexandra Coia
    • Sayville Retired Teachers Association Scholarship-Katie Feeley, Nedeem Malik
    • Sayville Teachers Association Scholarship-Megan Donnelly,
    • Lillian Schweikert
    • Sayville Teachers Association Marie Joost-Cox Memorial Scholarship-Olivia Boucher
    • Sayville Teachers Association Keith O. McClaskey Memorial Scholarship-Abigail Sneddon
    • Sayville Teachers Association Security Scholarship-Hannah Niggemeier
    • Sayville Teachers Association Ronald E. Smith Scholarship-Michael McKillop
    • Sayville Teachers Association Timothy Southerton Scholarship-Christopher Pitre
    • Sayville Teachers Association Ginny Spice Memorial Scholarship-Autumn Dushnick
    • Sayville Teachers Association Bruce Terry Memorial Scholarship-Nedeem Malik
    • Sayville Veterans of Foreign Wars – Post 433 – Scholarship-Sierra Boyce
    • John Schrader Memorial Social Studies Scholarship-Laura Eichele
    • SCOPE Educational Services Scholarship-Samantha Yost
    • John Sellman Memorial Scholarship-John Gaconnier
    • Slanetz Science Scholarship-Kathryn Murphy
    • South Shore College Women’s Club Scholarship-Cayleigh Dillon, Madison Nolan
    • Kenneth F. Stein Jr. Memorial Scholarship-Anna Peters
    • Suffolk Student Climate Action Committee Scholarship-Harrison Bench
    • Suffolk Transportation Scholarship-Lillian Schweikert
    • Sunrise Drive PTA – Mary Jo Spencer Memorial Scholarship-Christina LaFroscia
    • TEACH Consulting Services, Inc. Scholarship-Ryan Severin
    • Joey Visone Memorial Scholarship-Olivia Boucher, Robert Steil, Isabella Wilson
    • West Sayville Fire Department/ John “Bud” Van Wyen Memorial Scholarship-Hannah Niggemeier
    • West Sayville Fire Department – Chuck Jones Memorial Scholarship-Sohum Sheth
    • Women’s Club of Patchogue, Inc. Scholarship-Bettina Bonfiglio
    • John J. Wright Scholarship-Thomas Nielsen
    • Matthew Zuck Memorial Scholarship-Olivia Boucher, Travis Clare, Ava Herrera, Connor Sullivan

Community Scholarships

Community Scholarships