Moving Up at the Middle School

Moving Up at the Middle School

Sara Jaklitsch led the Pledge and Dominic Lewis sang the National Anthem.

Sara Jaklitsch led the Pledge and Dominic Lewis sang the National Anthem.

On the March from Middle School to High School

  • Excitement was just beneath the calm and collective surface of the Eighth graders who were dressed up for the June 24th afternoon Middle School Moving-Up program and Eighth-Grade Dance that would immediately follow.

    While the auditorium filled with family and guests, the Middle School orchestra struck up the processional march and the Moving-Up Class of 2019 filed in from the side doors to their seats. When the two-hundred and forty-one students had assembled, they rose for the Pledge of Allegiance led by Sara Jaklitsch and the National Anthem marvelously sung a capella by Dominic Lewis.

    Principal Thomas Murray opened the Middle School program with a welcome, citing key individuals from the Sayville Administration and Board of Education (including members of the NYC Police Department to honor the memory of one student's father who succumbed to 9-11 related illness) before beginning his address.

    “My name is Mr. Murray, and I have the honor of being your child’s principal. It is a great privilege to be here today to celebrate the accomplishments of your children, the future graduating class of 2023. They have exhibited outstanding academic discipline and personal integrity.”

    Comparing the Middle School years to a journey, Mr. Murray acknowledged that the students had arrived as uncertain children in Sixth-grade but were leaving as confident young men and women in Eighth-grade. As he does every year, Mr. Murray compiled statistics about the class to share with the assembly (see insert in right column).

    All rise for the pledge

  • “You have an impressive resume of accomplishments,” Mr. Murray continued. “Wherever you have traveled as a class, you have always have made people feel welcomed and loved.  You have shown compassion, courage, shared your joy, and have exhibited integrity.”

    Reminding the students how rapidly things have changed not just within the last century, but how technology has accelerated in the last few decades, Mr. Murray said, “As Eighth-graders you have more opportunities at your fingertips then I could ever dream of. With great opportunities come great responsibilities…. I have the utmost confidence based on what I have seen and heard over the last three years, you will choose to raise people up.  You will choose to make people's lives brighter.”

    His remarks were followed by the presentation of certificates to the students who were each called one-by-one to the stage.

    Your actions have and will continue to inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more,” Mr. Murray said in his closing statements. “The staff at Sayville Middle School has been so proud and humbled to have had the opportunity to be your teachers. Thank you for three wonderful years.” Mr. Murray called seventeen select students to the stage to pick up placards and asked the remaining students in the auditorium to turn and face their parents. On cue, as he asked the Moving-Up Class of 2019 to thank their parents, the students held up the seventeen placards, which spelled out:  Thank You. We Love you!

     Amid cheers, applause, and laughter, the Moving-Up class of 2019 and the future graduating class of 2023 marched out of the auditorium.



    4:30 p.m. - Graduate Procession and Musical Performance

    5:00 p.m. - Mr. Murray’s Address to the Class of 2023

    5:15-6:00 p.m. - Announcement of Graduates

    6:00-8:30 p.m. - 8th Grade Dinner/Dance


The Zane family with guests from the NYC Police Department.

The Zane family with guests from the NYC Police Department.

Class of 2019 Statistics

    • Academically
      • 99 students have taken the Algebra Regents and passed and 95 students have taken the Living Environment Regents and passed. Of those who took both regents’ exams, there was a 100% pass rate.
      • 100 students have taken and passed the High School Studio and Art Class.
      • 98 % of the class is leaving with one high school credit
      • 48 % of the class is leaving with two high school credits
      • 43 % of the class is leaving with 3 high school credits
    • Athletic teams have competed hard and have enjoyed success. There have been many undefeated seasons as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Award winners.  You learned what it means to work together for the good of a common goal!
    • Our Music Program has competed around the country.  NYSSMA students performed solos receiving top honors . Four students were selected to be part of the SCMEA  All-County band/chorus/orchestra groups.  Five students achieved the highest rating, for their NYSSMA solo. Three musicians received SMBA grants. The music department participated in a Practice-A-Thon raising a little over $1000.00 for the Harry Chapin Food Bank.
    • Service to the community in the Past Three Years: We have had over 200 community service winners – serving over 8,000 hours of community service. You came together to help raise money to beat cancer, to feed and clothe the needy, to fight ALS. Many of you have sought out opportunities on your own and quietly went about making the world a better place.

Departmental Awards

    • English - Emily Langhan                                                  
    • Social Studies - Samantha Hmelovsky
    • Mathematics - Erin Reilly            
    • Regents Algebra I - Gavin Noone                                                    
    • Science - Abigail Noack                                                    
    • Regents Biology - Jordan Carpentieri
    • Regents Spanish I - Michael Pitre                    
    • Regents French I - Emma Haas                                        
    • Band - Michael Pitre                                                                    
    • Orchestra - Asher DeVerna                                                                
    • Chorus - Grace McCavanagh                                                        
    • Studio in Art - Ava Gustafson                                                 
    • Art 8 - Alexandra Gagnon                                                         
    • Technology - Taylor Totevski                                                 
    • Family & Consumer Science - April Gidden                                      
    • Physical Education - Natalie Jones, Michael Milo


    • PTA Scholarship Awards - Brianna Adams, Emily Andersen, Samantha Hmelovsky, Abigail Noack, Michael Pitre
    • Bright Futures Scholarship Awards - Giulietta Imperato, Luca Maron, Shane Sukow                  
    • Cameron Riccomini Scholarship - Gavin Noone
    • David A. Roben Scholarship - Sarah Blaskiewicz                            
    • Suffolk County Executive’s Service Award - Adam Burgardt
    • NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award - Riley Lapine
    • NYS Attorney General’s Triple-C Award - Emma Haas, Robert Zane



Thank You. We Love You!

Thank You. We Love You!

Student Names in Middle School Moving-Up Class of 2019

  • ** Distinguished Scholar Award (90 average or above for 6th, 7th & 8th grade);  * Scholar Award (90 average or above for 8th grade);  # Honor Society; ^ Board of Education Community Service Recognition (50+ hours) 


    Stars and Stripes 2019


    Brianna Adams**

    Martino Albanese**#

    Ethan Alcantara**#

    Andrew Alexopoulos

    Alison Almeida

    Alexander Altkin**#

    Emily Andersen**#^

    Amanda Anderson**#

    Madison Anderson**#^

    Kalani Antoine

    Julia Arato

    Shane Aylward

    Daniel Ayrovainen**#

    Gabrielle Basil

    Annaliese Behnke

    Maggie Bennett**

    Sophia Bertsch**#^

    Tyler  Bickerton**#

    Morgan Bissell^

    Nicholas Blanco

    Sarah Blaskiewicz**#^

    Vincent Bonfanti**

    Eric Bossert

    Jeremy Brett

    Margaret Brown**#^

    Serena Buono**#

    Adam Burgardt**#

    Owen Burke

    Hannah Burton

    Joseph Byrne

    Mia Calderon

    Giovanna Calicchio**#

    Brendan Cameron**#

    Christopher Cannetti**

    Evan Carman#

    Joshua Carpenter**#

    Jordan Carpentieri**#

    Javanie Cespedes

    David Christiansen#

    Rajan Coleman

    Daniel Connestro

    Sean Connolly**

    Sophia Connor

    Nicholas Corace

    Kylie Corrao

    Madison Cremen**#

    Ryan Cunningham

    Christopher Czajkowski**

    Ethan D'Ambrosio

    Justin Delaney*

    Olivia Desiderio**#

    Robert Desjardins**

    Julia Desrosiers

    Asher DeVerna**#^

    Ava Dexter**^

    Noa DiNapoli**^

    Kaylee Divinsky

    Reilly Diwby

    Daniel Donlan

    Erica Dookram*

    Thomas DuTot**

    Isabel Egan**

    Jake Engel

    Kyla Fanning

    Shannon Feather**#

    Scarlett Ferraioli

    Sam Fiore

    Ronan Fitzpatrick

    Benjamin Flaumenhaft**#

    Andrew Flynn

    Arya Flynn-Fisco

    Niyah-Marie Fortunato

    Jason Frontino**

    Alexandra Gagnon**#^

    Madeline Gibbons**#

    April Gidden**

    Molly Giordano

    Morgan Giordano

    Thomas Golio**#

    Lauren Gosse**#

    Maya Guacci**#

    Madalyn Guida

    Ava Gustafson**#

    Emma Haas**#

    Joseph Handler**#

    Kylie Hanna**#

    Olivia Henke**#

    Ryan Hess

    Liam Higgins**#

    Patrick Hill**

    Ryan Hillery**#

    Samantha Hmelovsky**#^

    Taylor Hoss**

    Theodore Hynes**

    Giulietta Imperato

    Timari Jackson

    Sara Jaklitsch*#^

    Aydan Jantz

    Lauren Jones**#

    Natalie Jones**#

    Ryan Karman**#

    Mia Kassman

    Michael Keenan

    Jack Keil

    Kristian Kent

    Logan King

    Amanda Kleinman**#

    Frances Kloska**

    Kyle Knussman

    Calla Kolar

    Daniel Kranz

    Nicholas Kranz

    Emily Kroll**#^

    Gianna LaFata

    Angelina LaFroscia

    Mason Laino

    Emily Langhan**#

    Riley Lapine**#^

    Emma Law**#^

    Ava Leach

    Ryan Leniec

    Alexander Lepping**#

    Dominick Lettieri

    Emma Levine

    Dominic Lewis

    Brianna Linss**#

    Patrick Lipari

    Justine Loaisiga*

    Cody Lopresti

    Kenneth Lopresti**

    Justina Lowe**#

    Luke Lundquist**

    Julia Lynch**#

    Cavan Mahler*

    Ian Maksimiak#^

    Luca Maron

    Erin Marshall**

    Kevan McCann

    Grace McCavanagh**#

    Kieran McCullough

    Jacqueline McDonnell

    Molly McGinnis**#

    Evan McGlinchey

    Braden McNamara

    Anna Meserve**#

    Austin Meyer**#

    James Miller**

    Michael Milo

    Aidan Minasian*

    Lauren Minasian**#

    Joshua Minerva

    Gianna Mirro

    Noorma Mokarram**

    Anthony Morrione

    Emma Muller**#

    Christopher Mulligan**#^

    Ryan Murphy

    Ava Catherine Niggemeier **#^

    Abigail Noack**#^

    Gavin Noone**#

    Abigail O'Connell

    Chloe O'Connell**#^

    Evyn O'Donnell

    Jack Owenburg

    Kyle Panasuk**

    Owen Parrott

    Olivia Paschetta

    Karishma Patel**#

    Marina Pattilio*

    Brianna Pepe

    Griffin Perez**#

    Jayliani Perez**

    Michael Tyler Peterson

    Devyn Petruzzelli

    Benjamin Pierce

    Michael Pitre**#^

    Gavin Powers**#

    Nicholas Rampulla**

    Olivia Redden

    Arthur Redmond

    Paul Reeves

    Erin Reilly**#

    Kelsey Restivo**#^

    Jeyson Reyes

    Coragan Richter

    Alec Rieppel

    Griffin Riggins*

    Green Risner

    Jack Rubino**

    Aidan Rueb**#

    Kaylin Rutherig^

    Noah Ryan

    Benjamin Sands*

    Mia Santana**#^

    Gracelyn Sarni**

    Adriana Savino*

    Olivia Schait

    John Schuster

    Michela Scoleri

    Robert Sinacori**#

    Clare Smith**#^

    Madison Smith

    Reid Smith**

    Nicholas Spiotto

    Andrew Spitzfaden

    Kendall Squicciarini

    Colin Stagg

    Christian Stepalovitch

    Charlize Strittmatter**#

    Shane Sukow

    Molly Sullivan

    Benjamin Suskawicz

    Kristin Suydam

    Kristen Tellier**#^

    Olivia Tersigni

    Madison Timoney

    Noah Tloczkowski

    Jackson Tomforde

    Taylor Totevski**#

    Dylan Treco**#

    Juliet Tunney

    Camden Twaite**#

    Ella Utterback

    George Vadyak

    Hailee Vander Borgh

    Benjamin Verdone#

    Robert Walker

    Jackson Wall

    Paige Weber**#^

    Thomas Weik

    Julie Weisenberger**#^

    Amelia Wells

    George Wessels**#

    Jacqueline Wetzel

    Benjamin Wilbert

    Emma Yasinski

    Zachary Yovino*

    Robert Zane**

    Michael Zeh**

    Zachary Zehner

    Timothy Zelinski**#