• Mental Health & Suicide Prevention and Intervention  

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "teen suicides have increased dramatically in the past decade. Suicide rates for teens between the ages of 15 and 19 increased by 76 percent between 2007 and 2017. And the suicide rate for 10 to 14 year olds tripled over that same time period. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among 10 to 19 year olds. Increasing suicide rates are part of an alarming trend of rising mental health issues among school children." In fact, 90% of those who died by suicide had an underlying mental illness. 

    With these shocking statistics, it is imperative that we recognize students who may be at risk of harming themselves, by connecting those students with resources and support, and by helping students to build meaningful relationships and connections with their school and community. Below, please find attachments for recognizing warning signs and triggers, treatment facilities and web resources. 

    Additionally, please visit the School Mental Health Training Resource Center for information for both students and parents in taking care of and protecting mental health. Please click on "I am a Student" or "I am a Parent."