• The New York State Education Website states that "Home instruction is a form of tutorial services, provided to public or nonpublic students, by the public school district of residence.  These services are provided in accordance with Commissioner's Regulations 175.21  to students who are unable to attend their public or nonpublic school because of  physical, mental, or emotional illness or injury.   Parents requesting these services must comply with local board of education requirements to provide medical verification of the student’s inability to attend school for a time that exceeds the number of days required by the district (about 10 days)." Please refer to the New York State Website: Homebound Instruction for more information. 

    Therefore, if you believe that your child is in need of home instruction due to one of the reasons outlined above, please print out a copy of the Application for Homebound Instruction linked below. Once you have filled out the application completely, please make an appointment with your child's principal or guidance counselor to review the application. This application will then be fowarded to the Director of Student Services. 

    Remember: The intent of homebound instruction is to educate a child until he/she is well enough to return to school. It is not intended to be a permanent solution. 

Applications for Home Instruction