• Savyille Public Schools' District Counseling Plan

    Our K-12 Guidance Plan is designed as a resource for members of the Sayville School District Student Services Team and the Sayville School District educational community. The plan supports the overall mission of the district by promoting student achievement, college and career planning and personal social development for every student. Pupil Personnel Services team members, using their leadership, advocacy, teaming and collaboration, and data-driven decision-making skills, will ensure that every student in the Sayville School District will have access to a quality and equitable education. This plan is aligned with the New York State Counselor Association's Model Comprehensive K-12 Counseling Program and is in compliance with the New York State Education Regulation 100.2(j).

    The Guidance Plan is a living document which will be reviewed on an annual basis. Throughout the year, the K-12 PPS Team will continue to refine and revise this document as current information and resources become available.