Sayville Art Students Celebrated International Peace Day with Creative Mandalas

Students create Mandalas
  • The General Assembly had declared that Saturday, September 21, 2019 was International Peace Day, a day “devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.” This year’s theme is Climate Action for Peace.

    For many years, the Sayville Art Department and students have commemorated the United Nations' International Day of Peace with a variety of districtwide projects, such as the Pinwheels Project, the Shanti Fund, and the Peace Pole.

    This year, to recognize the efforts of those who endeavor to end conflict and promote peace, the Sayville Art Department selected the mandala to express the students’ messages for peace. Creating mandalas that are a symbol of Unity and the cycle of life was a very fitting way to express our students’ desire for climate change for peace.  Students used recycled materials to complete these collaborative works of art.

    “In all of our art classes,” Art Department Chairperson Deb Urso explained, “we took time to discuss how we can all take part in Peace day. What can people do for peace day to make the world a better place? We discussed kindness towards others and our planet.” While every art class took part in creating a mandala, some mandalas were true collaborations between the High School and elementary art students. These mandalas signified a united effort across grade levels and between schools within the district in expressing messages of peace.

    Prior to International Peace Day the mandalas were on display in each of the schools. Mrs. Urso summarized the beautiful mandalas created by the students with pride. “They are a great way to bring a community together for a common goal."

     mandala recyled

    For more photos, go to: Mandala Designs Link.

Cherry Avenue Mandala Collaboration
mandala project
mandala at hs
more mandala
three mandalas