Fighting Cancer, the Sayville School Community ALWAYS Pulls Together

Math Department Teams Up for Worthy Cause

Math Department Teams Up for Worthy Cause
  • For years, the Sayville School Community has rallied with fundraisers and appeals on behalf of local families whose loved ones are fighting cancer. This fall, there has been a spirited response to let yet another local family know that they are in the prayers and thoughts of a sympathetic community.

    With a motto “We are stronger than cancer,” 150 Sayville High School students and two faculty teams (the Math Team and The Phil-A-Busters) competed in a dodgeball tournament, arranged by the Junior Class and refereed by brave class advisers Lynn Ann Perlin and Sue Hart, to raise money for the American Cancer Society. 

    Making the event memorable, the math department invited the recently retired Marie Sinclair back to form a unified front. They arrived in creative team t-shirts with headbands. Adam Brown, Math Department chairman, said it was all good fun although a bit daunting against the student teams. He was especially impressed that every teacher in his department was able “to come back to work” the next day after the strenuous competition against the younger players.

    Principal Ron Hoffer commended the “Sayville High School Math Department” for showing up “in 'grand fashion.'  The collegiality demonstrated by our colleagues did not go unnoticed,” Mr. Hoffer concluded it was “a great night for a great cause.”

  • Photo above were Math Department participants:

    S- Laurie Skahill

    QU-  Adam Brown

    A-  Alison Galea

    D- Christian Bannon

    RI-  Marie Sinclair

    LA-  Kelly Lawrence

    TE-  Adam Sznitken

    RA-  Brooke Mattimore

    L-  Kim Sznitken

    S-  Chris Surrusco

    I-  Chris Seigneuray

Phil-A-Busters Team

Phil-A-Busters Team
  • The Phil-A-Busters Team of teachers who also participated at the Dodgeball tournament: Cailin Morrell, Raymond Williams, Taylor Sackaris, Andrew Muller, and Kaytie Ferremi. Not pictured is Phil Anzalone.