Recycling Magic Markers

Recycling for Magic Markers
  •  Q: Did you know that old Magic Markers can be recycled?

    A: Members of Girl Scout Troop 1106 did!

    Now students in Cherry Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, and Sunrise Drive elementary schools will know this, too. They may have already noticed the large trash bins decorated as Crayola Magic Markers. These fanciful objects, one in each school, are recycling bins specifically for old, dried-out markers that can be recycled rather than added to the trash. These bins were made by members of Girl Scout Troop 1106 who wanted to make a difference for the environment with their Silver Award project. It was a novel idea, but helping the environment is not a new one for these scouts who have been together since Kindergarten.

    “They have spent many years volunteering and helping the environment and their community,” noted Troop Co-Leader Karen Kroll. “Between cleanup activities in Sayville and Fire Island, a fish sculpture made out of old CD’s, a lighthouse from soda cans and plastic bottles, and painting colorful garbage cans that are currently sitting in nine different playgrounds in the Town of Islip (two of these cans are in Sayville), this Troop wanted to think of another way to help reduce trash. When discussing recycling, the Troop realized that we use lots of magic markers every day–especially in schools.”

    And many of these used-up plastic items are thrown out with the regular trash.

    To remedy this, the scouts “designed and built three Magic Marker Recycle bins with the hopes that they could be placed in each of our elementary schools,” Mrs. Kroll added. “The Troop was very excited to hear that Dr. Stimmel and the Board of Education approved these bins.” 

    Unlike the usual recycling items like bottles, cans, paper, and plastic, the colorful bins are waiting to be filled up by students and teachers alike with discarded markers! In late May, the bins will be emptied and the used markers will be sent to Crayola to be recycled.

    “If the project is a success, the Troop hopes the schools will continue to keep these bins so that they can continue to be used for recycling,” Mrs. Kroll concluded, “So please look for the bin in your school and make a positive difference for your community and environment.”

    Special thanks go to Troop Co-Leader Sharon Minasian and the Girl Scout Troop 1106 members: Madison Anderson, Sasha Gagnon, Lauren Gosse, Emily Kroll, Riley Lapine, Lauren Minasian, Ava Niggemeier, Erin Reilly, and Charlie Strittmatter for their leaving their mark in this worthwhile Marker-recycling effort.

Girl Scout Troop 1106

Girl Scout Troop 1106