Seventh Annual Duathlon
  • Finish and Fun were the Goals at the Seventh Annual Elementary Duathlon

    October 2019

    The seventh annual Districtwide Sayville Elementary Duathlon was held early on a pleasant Saturday morning in October.

    A total of 361 students from Kindergarten through Sixth grades, along with their families, made an impressive showing at the 7 a.m. registration at Sunrise Drive. They brought colorful helmets and bikes of all shapes and sizes to compete with two simple goals—to “finish their Duathlon and to have fun doing it!”

    The students were enthusiastic as they participated in the two activities of running and biking for the Sayville Elementary School Duathlon. So were their families and friends who watched from the sidelines and finish lines to cheer them on. By the end of the event, Sunrise Drive had won the trophy for the elementary school with the highest percentage of participants:  Sunrise - 46%, Lincoln - 29%, Cherry - 18%. Congratulations to all the students for finishing the course. 

    Thanks go to all the organizers who tirelessly worked to ensure the smooth operation of the Duathlon and a special mention goes to Jake Bourguignon, Sunrise Drive Fifth grader, for designing the T-Shirt the athletes wore. Coach Gary Jenson also acknowledged “the fifty HS volunteers from Jenn Whitman-Cahill’s Leadership Club as well as Suzanne Hoss’s Athletes Helping Others Club. Their efforts made this event possible.”

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