Two Sayville-Players Fall Productions On Quests for the Truth

  • The Sayville Players’ Fall presentation doubled up on two short productions. In the first, the characters set out to find the truth by solving the murders in Clue and then, in She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen, to find truth through D&D adventures.

    The object of the board game Clue is to solve a murder mystery by a process of elimination. The objective in the play Clue is to keep the audiences guessing with comic diversions and misdirection until the final moments of the play.

    In this farcical production of Clue, the Sayville Players were in full costume and character as Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, and Professor Plum, along with some extras, the butler Wadsworth, Yvette, Cook, blackmailer Mr. Boddy, and victims (see cast list).  Audiences were taken on a madcap romp from room to room, from weapon to weapon, and dead body to dead body. Suffice it to say; when it came to delivering entertainment, these Sayville Players killed it!

    Switching from farce to drama-comedy, She Kills Monsters is a poignant journey of discovery.

    Years have passed since Agnes Evans left home for college and pursued her teaching career far from hometown Ohio. So Agnes knows very little about her geeky teenage sister she left behind and realizes she missed her chance to reconnect when Tilly dies in a car accident. She Kills Monsters, however, focuses on Tilly’s legacy and Agnes’ healing process through the game Dungeons and Dragons. Discovering Tilly’s D&D game module among her personal effects, Agnes is desperate to understand more about the sister she lost. Agnes enters the game and encounters the bizarre characters that peopled Tilly’s imagination. Through D&D, she gets to the heart of her sister’s hopes and dreams and eventually meets the real friends who had inspired Tilly.

    The somewhat somber subject matter of She Kills Monsters was in very capable hands of the Sayville Players (see cast list) who through fine acting and great comic timing, mastered both the comic and tragic elements of the adventure.  


    Kudos go to both the company of actors and crew for the two entertaining productions and to Drama Club Advisor Doug Shaw for his oversight and recommendations that continue to expand the students’ acting repertoire.

    To view 150 photos from the two productions click on this link: Fall Play Photo Album


Clue Cast of Characters


She Kills Monsters Cast of Characters

She Kills Monsters Cast
She Kills Monsters