SD band students with Mrs. Hoffman
  • On the coldest night in November, four Sayville Elementary School Band members braved the elements to achieve a hard-won dream. They played along with the High School Band on the Timothy J. Henck Memorial Turf Field for the first round of Sayville Varsity Football playoffs on November 8th. 

    “This was the first time this has ever happened,” said their Band Teacher Diane Hoffman. “Usually, the football season is over when the kids are beginning to blossom on their new endeavor of playing a musical instrument. These hard-working beginning musicians, coupled with the great talents of our undefeated football team making the playoffs, made this opportunity possible.”​

    Mrs. Hoffman recalled, “that was the coldest night of the year with temperatures in the 20s and windy. They toughed out the cold like champs, jumped in and played without ANY rehearsals with the high school kids,  and kept their cool,  going with the flow! Words can't describe how incredibly proud I was of them and how great it was having them there.”

    The four Sunrise Drive students were Michael Babbino-Bassoon; Matthew DeGraff-Tenor Saxophone; Chace Kulla-Tenor Saxophone, and William Mitchell-Alto Saxophone

    “Mrs. VanBoxel, the High School band director,” added Mrs. Hoffman, “was very impressed with all of them, how they presented themselves, their effort and behavior.”

    Impressive, indeed! Congratulations, Chace, Matt, William, and Michael!

Chace and Matt
Band plays
band plays