The World Languages Honor Society Inducts Thirty-six Sayville High School Students at 2019 Ceremony

  • For their achievements in Spanish and French, thirty-six Sayville students were recently inducted into the World Languages Honor Society, an organization that reinforces the importance of world languages in our society and celebrates communities and cultures. While these students have already demonstrated “interest and skill in second language acquisition,” to ensure good standing, the World Languages Honor Society members are expected to participate throughout the year in initiatives that heighten awareness, acceptance, and understanding of diverse cultures and regions.

    During this year’s World Languages Honor Society Induction, Advisors Stephanie Bricker and Matthew Nani honored the twenty-five current members and welcomed the thirty-six additional students (see names at right) who demonstrated an appreciation for other cultures and a commitment to activities that promote an inclusive community. 

    “We are so proud of the accomplishments of our current and new members of the WLHS!” said Mrs. Bricker. “It was a beautiful ceremony highlighting the many talents of our students and a wonderful evening. I’d like to extend a special thank you to our executive board who worked so hard to make the night such a success.  Bravo!”

Advisers and students
  • List of inductees:

    Hannah Baldante, Taylor Banks, Hannah Blaskiewicz, Kathryn Brady, Jenna Buyes, Isabelle Byrne, Emma Clark, Rory Collins, Caroline Crawford, Liam Cummings, Hailey Decker, Victoria Earvolino, Tara Feather, Paige Gaiser, Nick Gibbons, Katie Gozaloff, Jenna Guerra, Christina Guiffre, Emily Hartman, TJ Kane, Sarah Kenney, Ihtesham Khan, Emily Maha, Aidan McCullough, Meghan McLaughlin, Kaitlyn Menze, Sarah Nolan, Emilia Pasquale, Alex Petruzzelli, Sanjeeda Rahman, Michaela Re, Taylor Schmittzeh, Dylan Vigna, Lindsey Yoder, Morgan Zane

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