L.A.C.E.S. Program Ties Language Lessons to World Cultures

  • In its third year as a trimester offering in the Sayville elementary schools, the L.A.C.E.S (Languages and Culture at the Elementary Schools) program has been introducing Third-grade students to Spanish language and culture.  During this first of three immersive thirteen-week programs with Señora K. Chirichella, the students at Sunrise Drive had an eye-opening and mind-opening first trimester developing language skills through singing, dancing, and crafts activities along with their language lessons.

    An end-of-term fiesta for the students concluded Sunrise Drive trimester. And what fiesta it was! The students enjoyed authentic foods such as flan, tres leches, arroz con leche and many different breads and Spanish treats. They also sang and danced, reprising the musical numbers they had learned in their classroom lessons.

    “Many thanks to the Third-grade class parents, volunteers, and teachers,” Señora Chirichella said, “who helped make this fiesta such a success!”

    Since 2017, the World Languages Department has been partnering with Sayville elementary schools with this enrichment program that includes a weekly French Lesson for Fourth graders, and before-school Spanish enrichment club for Fifth graders. All the students have been enthused and excited to learn more about the world around them. For completion of the enrichment programs, the Third- and Fourth-grade students received certificates.

    Much like the famous African proverb—“it takes a village to raise a child”—the Sayville community has been most supportive in this endeavor. Señora Chirichella, along with the World Language Department, expressed their sincerest thanks to the parents “here in the village of Sayville” who have endorsed the opportunity to have “our children learn how similar they are to other kids around the Spanish-speaking world.”


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