• Three Sayville Students Place in Recent Digital Generation Competition

    Held at Stony Brook University

And Win Trip to Google Headquarters in NYC

Brayden Nickdow was unavailable for his group photo--Group 14, 1st place)

(above) Brayden Nickdow's Group 14 won 1st place.


    At January’s Digital Generation competition held at Stony Brook University, students from five high schools—blended into presentation groups—competed for a chance to win a trip to Google headquarters in New York City.  Among the students in the winning three presentation groups were Sayville High School students (photo-above) Brayden Nickdow (Group 14, First Place), (photo-below) Emily Andersen (Group 1, Second Place), and (photo below-right) Domenico Rastello (Group 10, Third Place).

    In October, the Digital Generation classes from Northport, Riverhead, Sayville, Westhampton Beach, Half Hollow Hills East and West met for the first time at Stony Brook University. During this kick-off meeting, all the students were remixed into presentation groups and each group was asked to select from and to collaborate on presentation topics—such as public service announcement, infographic, website, and opposing sides (pros and cons) of an ethical dilemma.  

    The challenge for these Digital Generations students was that these collaborations would be done remotely. Once the student returned to their home schools, they communicated and created presentations with their group members using Google Platforms programs such as Docs, Slide, Sheet, Form, etc.

    While most of the work was done via internet—it is a “digital generation” class, after all—the groups had a second opportunity to meet in person to discuss and perfect their presentation projects. The third time they would meet in person would be at the competition at Stony Brook University where their presentations would be scored by a panel of judges according to a predetermined rubric.


Emily Andersen (group 1, 2nd place)

Emily Anderson  (in photo, second from left).
  • “All fourteen Digital Generation class groups presented at Stony Brook University on January 13th,” explained Sayville High School Technical Department Chair Mr. Bryan Coon. “The groups in which our Sayville High School students participated presented  on topics such as; global warming, paying college athletes, celebrity endorsements, social media and politics, ethical use of crowdfunding tools, fake news, vaccinations,  consumer privacy, virtual reality, social media influencers, live video streaming, and cyberbullying.” 

    After the panel of guest judges, utilizing Google Form for instant score-keeping, made the determination, the three top groups were announced.  “The ethical dilemmas presented by the top three groups,” Mr. Coon reported, “were the ‘sustainability of natural resources,’ ‘ social listening and consumer privacy,’  and ‘public health threat such as pandemics and vaccinations.’”

    Congratulations to the three Sayville High School students:  Brayden Nickdow, Emily Andersen, and Domenico Rastello for your successes.

    Mr. Coon is very proud of his Digital Generation class and commented that all the presentations delivered at Stony Brook University were well done. While Digital Generation classes which use a blended learning model have been running in other school districts for five years, it was a new offering at Sayville High School this year. And it is all the more reason why Mr. Coon was impressed at how well his students performed with the public speaking component of the group presentations project.

Domenico Rastello (group 10, 3rd place).

Domenico Rastello (in photo, back row first from left).