Sayville Varsity Girls Lacrosse Give Southside a Boost with Coffee

  • To help our heroes, the Sayville Varsity Girls Lacrosse team pooled their finances and purchased coffee for the doctors and nurses at Southside Hospital working the overnight shift, 11pm-7am. 

    “One of the nurses is the daughter of Coach Russell who coaches the Girls Varsity team with me,” Coach Adam Sznitken explained. “They sent back the two pictures and the following message: ‘Thank you for the Coffee!!!! The nurses and doctors were so happy.  Tell Mr. Sznitken and Mr. Russell and the Girls Lacrosse team THANK YOU!!!!!’"

    “We also plan to do this for another hospital, because Coach Russell’s wife is also a nurse and works at Mercy hospital.”

    Southside Hospital  Thank Girls Lacrosse team

  • Dear Police And Fire Department, 
    Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to keep us safe during this Pandemic. 
    We appreciate your work and your effort. You are our heroes without capes! 
    Pravigna & Parnika Unguturu
    Lincoln Avenue Elementary School
  • Cherry Avenue Fifth graders Eliana and Samara Lee, both in Mrs. Denton's class, created artwork for doctors and nurses at local hospitals to brighten their day.

    Lee1 lee2

    lee3 lee4

  • Albano

    ​From the Albano Family, Lincoln Avenue - Matthew Albano, Grade 1 (Mrs. Meloni), Maya Albano, Grade 3 (Mrs. Geiger): Thank you for our first responders and health care workers. 

  • Thanking our healthcare workers, four Third-graders from Sunrise Drive Elementary drew artwork through the house party app together.

    SD Third Graders

Thank you to the heroes without capes! - Mason, Tyler, Sarah and Griffin

Thank you to the heroes without capes! - Mason, Tyler, Sarah and Griffin
Thank You -Greco
Thank you -Liam R SD -3rd
hearts from Caltobiano
  • Dear Healthcare Workers,

    Thank you for all of the work you are doing to care for those affected by COVID-19 and other illnesses. We appreciate your efforts and the sacrifices you and your families are making. Stay positive!
    Thank you  Lanker 1
    Thank you Lanker2
Thank you -Rider N
not all heroes wear capes

Thank You - Dylan

  • Thank you - Dylan

Letter from Eric to Fire Departments

Answers to Eric


    Hello Eric

    I am Chief of the Sayville Fire Dept. and I am very pleased to answer you letter. The officers and members of the Fire Dept are trying to keep our spirits up and fight the boredom just like you. As for your second question unfortunately we are unsure as to when the virus will slow down, all we can do is continue to look out for our neighbors and continue to wash hands and keep up the social distancing. Keep up the hard work and I will make sure that all our membership knows you are thinking of them.

    Thank you

    Chief of Department

    Dear Eric,
    Thank you for your letter.  These are difficult times and it is always nice to hear something positive.  We all work hard to protect the community.  You can do your part by staying inside and working hard on your schoolwork.  I do think this will end if everyone works together and follows the guidelines. Stay positive and maybe one day we will see you at the firehouse.
    1st Assistant Chief, Sayville Fire Department
  • To All,

    Thank you for all that you have done and all that you will do. We appreciate you.

    The Serraino Family

    Thank you Serraino family serraino


Thank you - Mackenzie
My Stethoscope Hero by Avery G
  • holiday wishes holiday wishes holiday wishes

Thank you for all you do.