Sunrise Drive Honk and Hello Parade
  • Friday, March 27th, the Sunrise Drive Elementary Community enjoyed the Honk-and-Hello Parade for students and their homebound families.

    “This is meant to spread some cheer and show the children that we are here for them and care about them even though we aren’t seeing them each day,” Principal Dr. James Foy explained in an email he had sent to the families. “The staff at Sunrise Drive misses your children very much, so we are planning a Sunrise Drive Honk and Hello Parade …. We will begin the parade at 12:00pm along the parade map attached to this email.” Dr. Foy advised the parents to ensure their children “stay on their lawns and sidewalks a safe distance from our parade;" for those who might need to drive to the parade route, “we implore that you follow social distancing guidelines and STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE.”


    Mrs. Van Dorn watched: With their decorated cars, Sunrise Drive teachers paraded through the neighborhood.  Kids were jumping up and down waving.
    Love Sayville !!!I’m crying! 💜💛

    "This was so sweet and such a great idea. Broke my heart a little but the kids enjoyed it so much. Thank you! 💜💛" - Catie Wertheimer

    As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words," so parent shared their photos and videos of the heartwarming event. Here are just a few. Click on the link to view them all at

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