Students Showing Empathy Through Sayville STRIDES Projects

Sayville Making Great STRIDES with Empathy

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    CA Empathy Showing empathy messages of empathy

Jack Dibble Shows Empathy for Nursing Home Residents

  • For the month of April, Student Services Director Jillian Makris asked the elementary schools to incorporate the Sayville STRIDES theme of empathy in their At-Home learning assignments. In response, Cherry Avenue Second-grader Jack Dibble from Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry’s class created an amazing project.  Jack had become inspired by his sister’s Girl Scout flower-making project for her troop. “Hey, mom, can I make one?" Jack had asked. "It would be perfect for our Empathy project!" 
    Using old magazines, Jack got to work with enthusiasm and kept going, making not one, but three extraordinary flowers.
    Jack showed great empathy, however, when he and his family decided to give away his beautiful handiwork to residents of the nursing home next door. Since the residents can no longer see their families due to social-distancing restrictions, Jack wanted them to feel better by presenting the nursing home with the bouquet of special flowers on the Dibble family’s behalf.
    “I am so proud of Jack for starting his project on day one...and what a BEAUTIFUL project it is,”​ said Mrs. Batterberry. 
    Jack and his flower jack's flowers

Lincoln Student Shows Empathy for Siblings

  • Another Empathy Project by a third grader, Mason, in Mrs. Dumoulin's class at Lincoln Avenue. He shows Empathy by complimenting his two brothers, Camden and Griffin. Empathy

Slide Show by Joey Donovan

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Lotz of Empathy

  • Cherry Avenue Second-grader T.J. from Mrs. Geraldine Batterberry's class, along with his younger brother Matthew from the kindergarten class of Miss Kephart who is Mrs. Georges' leave replacement, shared what they did for their Sayville STRIDES Empathy project. "We worked on our empathy project today," their mom Gin Lotz explained, "we went to Sailors Haven yesterday and cleaned up the beach. Here's our poster!"
    Mrs. Batterbery was delighted by her students' efforts, "I think my kids are super into this project!"
  • Lincoln Avenue Principal Christine Carlson shared an image of the enormous poster created by Lincoln Avenue students Mason and Brayden Rothstein as part of this month's STRIDES - Empathy project. 

    Empathy on Display by Mason and Brayden  

  • Showing Empathy The Padolecchia boys sent this to Heather Franze-Heuer, Sunrise Drive. They wanted to dress as the real superheroes and made a little thank you poster! 

    Sunrise Drive student Leah Babcock expressing empathy in chalk.

    Sunrise Drive student Leah Babcock expressing empathy in chalk.

  • Another Empathy project from Emmerson Portanova, Third-grader from Mrs. Geiger's class, Lincoln Avenue Elementary! 

    Empathy by Emmerson

Showing Empathy for Others

  • Second-grader from Mrs. Batterberry's Cherry Avenue class shared, her artwork depicting the Sayville STRIDES theme: Empathy "Annalise completed one of the STRIDES projects this morning," Mrs. Batterberry shared, so did Brendan. "I think these came out great!!!" 

    Annalise Shows Empathy


  • Hi Mrs Batterberry, 

    Today with my family we talked and learned about EMPATHY. We watched some videos together to see examples of it and then I made a poster about the different ways I can show empathy with the people in my life. I attached my picture. 

    Stephen Hendrickson 
  • Cherry Avenue Students

    Cherry Avenue Students Reilly Riviello (from Dr. Fulton's Fifth grade) and her brother Colin embody their message of thanks.

Empathy Projects from Cherry Students in Dr. Beth Ann Fulton's class

  • This is from Olivia Damone, Second Grader at Cherry in Dr. Fulton's class:

    .Empathy by Olivia


    Julia Bross is another Second Grader in Dr. Fulton’s class at Cherry.

    Julia Boss created Empathy poster


  • The O’Connell girls who also go to Cherry (Jiselle is in Dr. Fulton's Second Grade and Jordana is in Mrs. Georges' Kindergarten) created these cards for the STRIDES Empathy projects: Their mother, Jackie, explained, "Wanted to share what the girls did for the STRIDES project. They made cards for Miss Duffy’s brother, Detective Mike!"

    Empathy message from Jiselle Message from Jordana

Aniela Marino Exemplifies Empathy in Her Chalk Art

  • Cherry Avenue student Aniela Marino  from Mrs. Denton's class exemplifies empathy in her chalk art:  

    Aniela Marino

Mrs. Batterberry Shows Empathy for Our Postal Carriers

  • Walk the Talk

    Cherry Avenue Second-grade Teacher Geraldine Batterberry wrote: "Thought I needed to do an Empathy project since my students are.  I have EMPATHY for everyone on the front lines.  Nurses, doctors, firefighters, and nurses.  What about our Mail Carriers?  Putting themselves at risk everyday.  I look forward to seeing our mail carrier every day.  Even for a quick wave.  Let's have EMPATHY for them too!"

    Batterberry Family