Karen Savage's Middle School Orchestra Feel-Good Assignment - Student Submissions

  • “Feel Good Assignment” by Kayleigh Hillery 

    Part 1: During this quarantine I feel I have connected more with my family in many ways. One way is when it is a sunny day outside, my family goes on a bike ride near our house. I love bike riding to get some fresh air and spend time with my family. Another way we have connected is we play a lot of board games. It’s fun playing board games because there are some we have never played before or we play some of our all time favorites. It’s fun to see everyone laughing, smiling and having an all around good time. Lastly, my family and I play outside in our backyard when it is beautiful outside. The games that we play are corn hole and basketball. It is fun playing against everyone and laughing. I hope I win soon! Outside my brother and I also play/practice softball and baseball. I hope that your family is doing well and having fun. Hope to be back to school soon.


    Part 2: This is the shell I made. I decided to give it to my mom who is a healthcare worker. 

    K Hillery shell

  • Middle School Music Teacher Karen Savage thought her student Kyla did such an amazing job on her Feel-Good assignment.

    This is what Kyle wrote:

    Part 1: Since my parents are both working from home we now have more time to play games  and "hang out” together. Since the quarantine my family and I have played football in my yard and we have even made our own Jeopardy games and then played them. We also go on lots of walks and bike rides together. 

    Part 2: Last week I actually collected a bunch of rocks in my backyard and painted them. On these rocks I painted  rainbows, smiley faces, I wrote "smile” and "Be happy” on some of them. I placed them all down my street and lots of people were out walking. Four days later after I placed them out all of my rocks were gone because people took them. I am making more to put out but I really hope that my rocks brought a smile to someone's face. On my front door I have four rainbows that I drew. Last week I also drew rainbows and smiley faces with chalk all over my driveway and it lasted two days but then the rain washed the chalk away. I am going to do more chalk today. 

     You rock, Kyla!

    Kyla Rainbow Kyle Rock

  • Skyler Collins - Eighth Grade Feel-Good Assignment

    Hi Miss Savage!  It’s so strange that everyone isn’t at school seeing all of our teachers and friends.  I really do miss school and I hope this craziness comes to an end soon. When school was cancelled, I was upset I wasn’t going to be able to see my friends and teachers, although I love getting to spend this extra time with my parents.  My mom is recovering really well from her surgery. She is walking with just a cane instead of the walker now. My mom, dad and I go on short walks with my mom from our house to about the next three or four houses. I am so happy that she was able to get her surgery before her surgeon stopped doing elective surgeries like hers due to the virus.  My mom keeps getting better everyday and we are so happy about that!

    I wanted to do something good for my mom.  I drew her a little picture to remind her that even if her knee is bothering her it will get better and she just has to keep persevering.  I drew her a picture of Dory from “Finding Nemo” and I wrote what Dory always said, “just keep swimming”. After I gave my mom the drawing, she said that she would look at it to remind herself to “just keep swimming” even when her knee was bothering her.  I am so glad that my mom is getting better and I can’t wait for my mom and me to be able to go on bike rides again!Skylar Collins Feel Good Assignment


    "Skyler did a great job on this Feel Good assignment! Not only is it a perfect message for her mom but also for us all going through this crisis. I think this will speak to a lot of the community. - Karen Savage 

    Logan Maha: Orchestra Feel-Good Assignment


    Part 1 - This week I worked on some posters and some small cards that can be left around town for people to find. I painted them rainbow colors and wrote sayings on them to make people smile. I also added at the bottom #pass on the message. I used watercolor paints and small cards that my grandfather brought over to our house as he was cleaning out all his art supplies. I hope these little things bring a smile to someone out walking. I thought of this because my sister came home after finding a rock on her walk that someone painted. 

    I also did something else and that was help my sister make cupcakes for my dad’s birthday. He was supposed to have a party to celebrate him turning 50 but because we are stuck at home we had to make it fun. Here is a picture of how we decorated the cupcakes to make him laugh.

    "Logan has such a big heart and I hope his messages got to people that loved them as much as his sister loved the stone that she found. I wonder if she found one of Kyla's stones?! Love the giving and the decorating of the cupcakes for dad....so very thoughtful! We need more of this at this challenging time." - Karen Savage, Middle School Orchestra


    Logan Maha

  • Another beautiful Feel-Good writing assignment from Brady Dolan, sent by Karen Savage, Sayville Middle School.

    "I think is outstanding," Ms Savage remarked. "The Part #1 of the assignment is awesome." 

    Feel-Good Assignment

    Part 1: Tell Me Something Good

    I am excited to get back to school and see all my friends again but I also love staying home with my family. I hate to see on the news that people are getting sick and even dying from this terrible virus.  It makes me very sad to see that, but a bright side to all of this is being with my family every day and doing more things together that we love to do like playing games, going outside to play basketball and driving on the beach to go for runs and have lots of fun.  Also, I love that my entire neighborhood goes outside every night at 8:00pm to 8;01pm and flash our flashlights to support all of the essential workers who do so much for us every day.  I also loved when the teachers from Sunrise Drive, where my sister and brother go, drove around our neighborhood for a honk & wave parade. “Even when there is darkness, light shines through.”

    Part 2: Do Something Good

    I made these cards for my grandparents because we can’t see each other right now and mailed them to their home.  They have a rainbow on front and a message inside to each one of them.  We also love texting and sending riddles to each other every day.  I can’t wait to see them again.Message from Brady


    "Ava did such an amazing job on her Feel-Good assignment," Miss Savage said ".... You can really feel her happiness and smiles when you read it.  I can't help but smile too!" 


    Part 1: Tell Me Something Good

    Something that makes me really happy is spending time with my family members. Whether it's spending time playing with my younger brother or playing video games with my dad, I love to make them smile. Sometimes when my little brother is sad, I do a puzzle or read to him and the best thing ever is the smile he always gives me. I also like to do puzzles with my mom at night and just spend time with the people that I love. Those are only a small amount of things I do when I spend time with my family.

    Part 2: Do Something Good

    My favorite thing to do that makes me feel good is reading a book to my little brother. Sometimes it's a funny book, a book about superheroes, or even a book with a lesson to go with it. I always find some way to make the book even MORE interesting than it already is by reading in a funny voice or making a funny face. My little brother enjoys listening to the story and by the time I'm done, we're both smiling ear to ear. This is something that I do to make myself, and others, feel good. 

    Ava and her little brother