• Sayville STRONG

    "Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing the PROJECT STRONG submissions from our faculty and staff. The videos will display how our students and our staff members are staying mentally, emotionally, socially and physically strong during this time. Let's stay positive and stay determined."

    - Mrs. Makris

  • Duffy Girls

    Cherry Avenue -Duffy girls staying strong and healthy riding their bikes at Caumsett state park, Lloyd harbor.

    Marianna grade 5 Faulkner
    Christina grade 3 Moran
    Sophia grade 2 Falco
    Gabriella kindergarten Gallo

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STRENGTH is our final STRIDES characteristic.

  • "Welcome to May! ​STRENGTH is our final STRIDES characteristic. ​How appropriate! We have all had to and continue to muster strength over the last month and a half. Oftentimes, when people hear the word strength, they automatically think of the physical - one's muscles. However, strength is so much more. Yes, it is physical, but it is also mental, emotional, social and academic. Strength is perseverance. It is persistence. It is resilience. It is fortitude. It is grit. It is power. It is necessary.

    "What else is strength? It is difficult. Sarah Plumatallo, an educator, insightfully notes ​"This trait is hard. It's hard on purpose. When we persevere, we grow. But that growth is often painful and accompanied by so many opportunities for an out. What comes easy for some seems near impossible to others. Displaying [strength] and perseverance is hard, but it is important because it is an indicator of future success. To persevere, even in the small moments is to persevere over the long-term...it is striving for excellence in the face of adversity, and never giving up on a goal."

    - Mrs. Makris