JUNE 16, 2020

Middle School Celebrates Moving Up Students with Car Parade
  • 2020 EIGHTH-GRADE (High School Senior Class of 2024) MOVING-UP CEREMONY

    June 16, 2020

    • Graduate Car Procession
    • Molly Sanges sings the National Anthem                                  
    • Mr. Murray’s Address to the Class of 2024
    • Announcement of Graduates


    View the Virtual Moving Up Celebration and the Awards Presentation at: Video Presentation Link                                                



Retiring Principal Mr. Murray  along with Administrators.

Principal Thomas Murray's 2020 Moving-Up Speech

  • Welcome parents, grandparents and families to Sayville Middle Schools 2020 Moving Up Ceremony.  We are here to celebrate the accomplishments of  a wonderful group of young adults. Over the past three years, these hard working students have accomplished many wonderful things.

    My name is Mr. Murray, and I am honored to be the Principal at Sayville Middle School.   I have had the privilege of watching your children grow into fine young men and women.

    It is a great privilege to be here today to celebrate the accomplishments of your children, the future graduating class of 2024.   


    110 students have taken and passed the Algebra regents class - 46% of the class of the class has excelled in advanced mathematics 

    108 students have taken and passed the Living Environment Regents - 

    45% class of the class has excelled in advanced  science

    100 students have taken and passed the High School Studio and Art 

    42% class of the class has excelled in advanced art class

    World Languages 230 students have met the criteria to receive a credit in a high school high school foreign language class.

    This makes up 96 % of the class.

    96 % of the class is leaving with one high school credit

    46% of the class is leaving with two high school credits

    45% of the class is leaving with 3 high school credits

    You have worked hard and have excelled in the classroom.

    Athletically: Our Athletic teams have competed hard and have enjoyed success.  There have been many undefeated seasons as well as Section XI Sportsmanship Award winners.  You learned what it means to work together for the good of a common goal!  

    Musically: Our Music Program: Twelve students were selected to be part of the scmea all county band and chorus .  A student was selected for the New York State Band Directors Association Honor Band. They honored our heroes with a special Memorial Day Presentation. Assisted in our annual food drive.

    Service to the community the Past Three Years! We have had over 100 community service winners – serving over 5,000 hours of community service. You came together:

    • To help raise money to beat cancer! 
    • To feed and clothe the needy! 
    • To make someones Holiday season brighter. 
    • To Honor Everyday Heroes
    • To fight ALS 

    Many of you have sought out opportunities on your own and quietly went about making the world a better place. You have an impressive resume of accomplishments. Wherever you have traveled as class you have always made people feel welcomed and loved.  You have shown compassion, courage, shared your joy, and have exhibited integrity.  

    As I prepare my speech every year for the moving up ceremony, I reflect back to the past.  How things were different in the past?  How far we have come over the last 100 plus years.

    We all could reflect back and see how things have changed.

     Oftentimes when speaking with children about history or things that seemed like they happened yesterday I realize that they weren’t even born.

    As 8th graders you have faced a challenge this year that many of us are experiencing for the first time. 

    • You have risen above this adversity and have made the Sayville Community Proud.   
    • Continue to rise above and treat others with respect and dignity.  
    • Continue to show kindness and compassion.  
    • Continue to be strong in difficult times.
    • Continue to Speak Words that lift people up
    • Continue to make a difference

    In four short years you will be graduating from high school. In those four short years the world will change rapidly. What will not change is the things that have the greatest impact on people? It is how you treat people that will have the greatest impact on the world. 

    I have the utmost confidence based on what I have seen and heard over the last 3 years that you will choose to raise people up.  You will choose to make people's lives brighter. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not” - Dr. Seuss.

    At this time please enjoy the video presentation of the Sayville Moving up Class of 2020,



Mr. Murray's Closing Remarks

  • The past three years have been a journey.  You entered the Middle School as children, unsure of what to expect!  You are now leaving us as young confident men and women.

    You exhibited outstanding academic discipline and personal integrity.  

    Few parting words:

    Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

    Ronald Reagan once said: "Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known."

    Sacrifices have been made by the generations before you to give you these opportunities. Remember those that have and those that continue to sacrifice so that you may have a world of endless opportunities. Choose to inspire

    John Quincy Adams once said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

    The staff at SMS has been so proud and humbled to have had the opportunity to be your teachers. Thank you for three wonderful years.

    You have learned well the past three years.  Your foundation for success has been built, by your hard work and the support of your parents and teachers. You are ready to move onto the High School.  Be kind to each other, treat each well. Be there for one another.

    The staff at Sayville Middle School wishes you well. Parents and guests – I present to you the moving up class of 2020 and the future graduating class of 2024!

    Congratulations Be Well ! Be Strong!


Student Awards


    English - Emily Watters                                                   

    Social Studies - Loghan McNamara                                           

    Mathematics - Brooke Babilonia                                  

    Regents Algebra I - Tyler Madison  

    Science - Ava Cutolo                                                       

    Regents Biology - Marissa Stephan                                  

    Regents Spanish I - Delaney Lutz                                        

    Regents French I - Nadia Moosa                                                   

    Band - Emily Helbock                                                  

    Orchestra - Skyler Collins                                                   

    Chorus - Dori Ahlgrim                                                     

    Studio in Art - Joseph Malossi                                                            

    Art 8 - Lia Bickerton                                                    

    Technology - Daniel Holahan                                                 

    Family & Consumer Science - Colleen Doyle                                      

    Physical Education - Daniel Gunther, Madeline McKillop



    PTA Scholarship Awards: Skyler Collins,Genevieve Frawley,Lucas Kolk,Aidan Orlando,Kylie Person

    Bright Futures Scholarship Awards: Mia Lagonigro, Morgan Lilienthal, Aidan Orlando

    Cameron Riccomini Scholarship: Mckenna Farrell

    David A. Roben Scholarship: Mia Balsamo    

    Suffolk County Executive’s Service Award: Sophia Lorenzo

    NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award: Skyler Collins

    NYS Attorney General’s Triple C Award: Abigail Cabrera & Delaney Lutz


    ** Distinguished Scholar Award (90 average or above for 6th, 7th & 8th grade)

    *   Scholar Award (90 average or above for 8th grade)

    #   Honor Society