The First Annual Ken Mangan Scholarship Awarded to Megan Bast

Megan Bast receives Award
  • 2020 Sees the First Annual Ken Mangan Scholarship

    Megan Bast from the Sayville Class of 2020 was awarded the First Annual Ken Mangan Scholarship for her years of enthusiastic participation in the Annual Every Child's Dream Community Holiday Dinner. This event, conceived and launched in 2005 by the late Ken Mangan, has been assisting the homeless or economically disadvantaged in the community by giving children and their families "a little Christmas" they might not otherwise experience. Nine years ago, Sayville High School became the permanent, host venue.

    The small, “award ceremony,” held at the High School outside the main entrance under the overhang, included Megan and her mom, Kristin, Student Government Advisor Katherine Van Dorn, and Karen Mangan along with her daughters Izzy, Chloe, McKenna and Brittany with her husband J.P. Keneally.  Sayville High School Principal Ron Hoffer shared a few words of appreciation about Ken “for bringing Every Child’s Dream to Sayville High School as it has become an annual life-changing event for the guests and our students, as well.” 

    Speaking eloquently about her late husband, Karen highlighted Ken’s compassion, empathy, kindness, and spirited energy. Ken believed, Karen explained, that the greeter at the event was the most important person of the night because that person’s warm, welcoming smile was the first face guests would see. As Megan was this year’s exceptional greeter, it seemed fitting that Megan was chosen for this honor. Karen presented Megan with a check for $1000 accompanied by an engraved plaque. She thanked Megan for her “time, gentleness, bright smile, and exuberance she shared at Every Child’s Dream.”

    Principal Hoffer closed the ceremony, thanking the Mangan family for their “gracious generosity.”

    "I was thrilled to be invited to this special ceremony,” Ms. Van Dorn added. “To see Meg recognized for the sincere, kind-hearted, cheerful, enthusiastic young lady she is and to be among Karen and her daughters as they honored Ken, his vision and his enormous heart was a privilege." Congratulations, Megan Bast, for earning the First Annual Ken Mangan Scholarship Award.